Bad Shower Habits You Need to Quit

Everything you do in the shower is good for you because, after all, you are getting yourself cleaned, right? Well, experts say that many of us are guilty of carrying out certain things in the shower that can be bad for our skin and hair.

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See which of the following very common bad shower habits you’re guilty of:

Taking a Very Hot Shower

Do you love taking a shower with very hot water each time because it makes you feel relaxed, and it also gives you peace of mind that you are truly getting rid of those bacteria on your skin?

Especially if you also spend a lot of time in the shower, very hot water can be bad for your skin. That’s because it damages the protective layers of your skin, making your skin highly vulnerable to dryness and irritation. What’s more, a very hot shower can actually worsen certain skin conditions, like psoriasis.

What you need to do is opt for warm and not scolding hot water if you want a relaxing shower.

Leaving Your Loofah Behind

We all know that bacteria love growing in anything that has moisture in it.

It’s for this reason why you should quit leaving your loofah or bath sponge in the shower after using it. Just imagine how much bacteria you are rubbing on your skin the next time you use it! After taking your shower, take your loofah or bath sponge with you and hang it where it can dry properly, like near a window.

And also, it’s a good idea for you to regularly replace your loofah or bath sponge. If it already looks worn out, do your skin a favor and shop for a new one.

Exfoliating All the Time

Every now and then, you should exfoliate your skin to remove piles and piles of dead skin cells that can clog up your pores and also leave your complexion looking dull.

However, experts say that you should refrain from exfoliating every single time you hit the shower, in particular if you take a shower on a daily basis. In addition, avoid scrubbing your skin like there’s no tomorrow — it will remove excess dead skin cells all right, but it will also damage fresh layer of skin underneath them.

Keep exfoliating to once or twice a week only to save your skin from getting irritated.

Using Nicely Scented Soaps

It’s true that nothing can make you feel clean and fresh than using soap that leaves your skin smelling wonderful.

But did you know that it’s actually something that can cause excessive skin dryness as well as irritation? Chemicals used to make soaps smell amazing can be too harsh most especially to sensitive skin. What’s the point of smelling like strawberry cheesecake or vanilla ice cream if you have red and dry patches of skin all over your body?

Opting for unscented soaps is definitely a much better idea. What’s more, they are not going to create weird smells the moment you start applying your favorite perfume or cologne.

Shampooing Everyday

Taking a shower every single day is perfectly fine, especially if you feel that you need it. However, shampooing your hair each time is a no-no, say the experts.

Your scalp produces oil that protects itself as well as your hair. Shampooing daily can remove protective oil, which can then easily cause all sorts of issues. For instance, your scalp may end up parched, flaky and itchy, and your hair may wind up dry, unmanageable and highly prone to breaking.

So how often should you shampoo? Well, it’s not the same for everyone. However, there is probably no need for you to shampoo your hair more than 2 to 3 times a week.

Can you think of any other bad shower habits? Don’t be embarrassed to share it in the comments section below!

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