Balut (Duck Egg with Embryo) Health Benefits and Sample Recipe

Balut, also known as duck egg with embryo, is one of the known foods native to the Philippines. A fertilized duck egg, it is known for its invigorating abilities, which include stamina and sex drive. The following are the health benefits of balut, along with a sample recipe.

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Health Benefits

Strong Bones and Teeth

One health benefit of eating balut is the promotion of bone and teeth health. According to San Francisco Gate, balut is rich in calcium, which is a mineral that helps in the formation and remineralization of bones and teeth. As per the publication, one serving of the duck egg contains 116 milligrams of calcium. Without calcium, the bones become brittle and the teeth become prone to tooth decay and chipping. In addition, calcium contributes to the proper muscle contraction (for example, the heart contraction and rhythm). Imbalance of calcium levels in the body may lead to unnecessary muscle twitching; thus, irregular muscle contraction and irregular cardiac rhythm. With this abnormality, a person’s life may be at risk. Hence, eating balut not only helps protect bones and teeth and promote their health, but also promote proper muscle contractility.

Energy, Growth, and Repair

Another health benefit of eating balut or duck egg is the provision of energy, as well as cellular and tissue growth and repair. According to Philippines News, one serving of balut contains 188 calories, which helps the body boost the energy it has. Calories are burned when the body performs a physical and mental activity, so a replacement of calories by eating balut enables a person to do his tasks for the day. Meanwhile, balut also has protein, which helps cells and tissues grow. For body builders, balut can be part of their diet, since the protein helps repair the damaged muscle tissues during workout.

Stem Cell Effects

An interesting health benefit of balut is its association with stem cell enhancement. According to Dr. Bjodne of Eskeland, as cited by Philippine Star, nine-day-old fertilized eggs have all the nutrients needed to start a new life. As per the specialist, such nutrients include vitamin, minerals, proteins, hormones, defense growth factors, and other biologically active constituents. With these properties, balut is seen as one of the exceptional food choices people can eat today.

Sample Recipe

One recipe that makes use of fertilized duck egg as ingredient is adobong balut. According to Pinoy Recipe, the ingredients include four balut eggs (peeled), one tablespoon sugar, three tablespoons canola oil, two cloves garlic (finely minced), a small sized onion, half cup soy sauce (sliced), half cup vinegar, three pieces bay leaf, freshly ground black pepper, and scallions (thinly sliced) for garnish.

To prepare, as per the publication, the balut egg shells are removed and are set aside. Then, the canola oil is added into the frying pan and when it is heated enough, the onion and the minced garlic are added and sautéed until the oil infuses with garlic flavor. Next, the balut is added and fried for a few seconds and soy sauce and vinegar are added in the pan. The amount of vinegar can be increased or decreased, depending on the preference of the cook. Once done, the dish is brought to a boil without stirring and after that, it is allowed to simmer for a few seconds. Next, the pan is swirled for the eggs to be coated with the sauce. Then, sugar, freshly ground black pepper, and bay leaf are added, simmered for another minute, and swirled once more. Next, the heat is turned off and the food is allowed to sit for about ten minutes. The eggs are given a final swirl and the final dish is served with garlic fried rice.

Balut is one of the healthiest exotic foods in the Philippines. Thus, it can be added to various meal plans for friends and families.

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