Bear in Mind Tamarind: 15 Health Benefits of This Sour Fruit

Tamarind trees, which are cultivated in South America, Asia and Africa, bear tamarind fruits. When ripe, they can be consumed straight from their brown pods. However, its tangy taste is not for everyone!

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In many parts of the world, tamarind fruits are used for culinary purposes. There are many dishes that are made unforgettable by their addition. It’s also not uncommon for tamarind fruits to be turned into candies, jams and other treats. Tamarind fruits are consumed, too, for the variety of health benefits they offer.

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Without further ado, let us take a quick look at 15 of the nicest things that these sour fruits bring:

  1. Tamarind fruits are rich in fiber, making them an excellent preventer of constipation. Another reason why the consumption of tamarind fruits may help keep your bowel movement regular is they have mild laxative properties.
  1. Ayurvedic medicine, which is one of the oldest forms of holistic healing system on the planet, uses tamarind fruits for the promotion of better digestion, thus allowing the body to absorb nutrients in food more efficiently.
  1. Thanks to its acidic nature, tamarind fruits are known to help stimulate the production of bile, a fluid excreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder, and helps in breaking down fat molecules.
  1. Consuming tamarind fruits as desserts is said to be beneficial for people who are suffering from diabetes. That’s because the tangy fruit helps in keeping the blood sugar from spiking, which is very common after meals.
  1. The sour taste of tamarind fruits is a clear sign that it is loaded with vitamin C. It’s exactly for this reason why the addition of tamarind fruits in the diet can help reduce your risk of various diseases as it helps strengthen your immunity.
  1. Since tamarind fruits are rich in vitamin C, it is used by traditional healers in treating scurvy. Characterized by swollen and bleeding gums, scurvy is a dental problem brought about by vitamin C deficiency.
  1. Vitamin C-packed tamarind fruits may be incorporated into the diet for healthy hair and nails. These tangy treats also help keep the skin healthy, as well as slow down the aging process of the skin which keeps you young-looking.
  1. Experts say that tamarind fruits contain plenty of antioxidants, which are molecules powerful enough to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals. This is another reason why tamarind fruits may help ward off skin aging.
  1. It isn’t just slowing down skin aging that antioxidants in tamarind fruits are very good at. Antioxidants present in abundant amounts in tamarind fruits are also scientifically proven to help reduce risk of deadly cancer.
  1. Antioxidants are also well-known for their ability to help reduce inflammation. There are many health problems linked to inflammation, and one of the deadliest include cardiovascular disease.
  1. Tamarind fruits also contain iron, which is a mineral that helps promote the production of red blood cells which carry oxygen. A diet that’s rich in the said nutrient, experts say, helps prevent anemia due to iron deficiency.
  1. Lots of people swear by the effectiveness of drinking tamarind juice in getting rid of a nasty hangover. Similarly, tamarind juice is also said to help deal with the symptoms of intoxication with various substances.
  1. The consumption of tamarind fruits is good for those who are trying to lose weight because they help inhibit the production of enzymes which encourage fat storage. Also, they have mild appetite-suppressing properties.
  1. There are also B vitamins found in tamarind fruits. It’s exactly the reason why consuming them helps give you an instant dose of energy, plus maintain healthy and well-functioning nerves.
  1. Gargling diluted paste of tamarind fruits is traditionally recommended for easing sore throat. It’s also very good at dealing with various oral problems, such as mouth sores and swollen gums.


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