Beat the Monday Blues with These Tips

A lot of people dread the Monday blues as the weekend comes to an end and why not? Just imagine the volume of traffic going to your workplace, the pile of papers that you have to go through, and other tasks that you need to complete for the week. But should Mondays be something to dread? Not if you know how to handle the start of the work week. Here are some helpful tips that will get you through your Mondays like a pro.

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Wake up at the same time daily. Regardless of you sleep late, make it a habit to wake up at the same time all the time. This will help your body get in sync with your schedule so that your energy won’t fluctuate throughout the day. This can also help you welcome the day with a more positive attitude too.

Don’t forget to relax. Stress is always a killer at school or at work which is why it is always a good idea to find time to relax. It doesn’t mean that you have to go out during the weekends as staying out late can make you feel tired enough to hate the Mondays. Spend one day at home so you’ll be able to relax and rest to recuperate.

Get sunshine. If your brain is a bit foggy in the morning, take some time to soak up the sun. Even 10 minutes of sunshine is enough to perk you up. What’s more, you’ll get vitamin D in the process too which your body needs to prevent illnesses.

Avoid sleeping in. Most people sleep in during the weekends because they think that it will help them recuperate from those late nights they spent during the weekdays. Unfortunately, this will wreak havoc to your waking cycle that it will leave you feeling out of sorts in the process. It is always a good idea to stick to the same waking hours so that your body will stay in tune with your daily schedule. It also means that you’ll get plenty of tasks done in the process too.

Have your regular cup of Joe in the morning. Another trick to beating the Monday blues is to have that cup of coffee in the morning like you use to. However, if you are a bit sensitive to caffeine, don’t drink it in the afternoon or close to sleeping time as it will keep you wide awake.

Plan. Your Mondays will start out great if you start making plans on what to do for the week. List down all the tasks that you need to finish, as well as your meals for the day, and outfit so you can breeze through the days like a pro.

Eat organic eggs with avocado. If you are thinking of what breakfast to prepare, try some organic eggs with avocado. For one thing, eggs are good sources of protein which can also help stabilize your blood sugar levels so your energy levels will remain stable throughout the morning. The avocado, on the other hand, contains essential fatty acids that can protect your cells from damage and keep your energy steady.

Small breaks help. Mondays can be overwhelming at times so instead of stressing yourself out, try going on small breaks to help clear your mind. This will help you regain your focus especially when working on a difficult task. You can even do some stretches while you are at it to help get your blood racing to wake you up even.

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