Beauty Benefits of Black Radish

Everyone knows that Asia is home to an impressive assortment of beautifying agents coming straight from nature. Well, the same continent offers something that not too many people elsewhere know about, and it’s black radish.

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What makes black radish so great for the skin is the loads of antioxidants it packs. Antioxidants are powerful molecules that zap excess free radicals before they can cause all sorts of problems, ranging anywhere from chronic inflammation that takes place within the body to the accelerated aging of the skin.

There are also various nutrients present in black radish that make it an excellent all-natural beauty solution. For instance, it has vitamin C that helps make the skin firm and wrinkle-free by encouraging the production of collagen.

Furthermore, black radish is capable of killing off microbes that can be blamed for some of the most icky skin problems on the face of the planet, such as fungal infections. As a bonus, black radish also helps boost the immune system, encouraging your own body to deal with various infections concerning the skin.

Black radish is something that can be employed internally as well as externally to deliver impressive results. And what are the beauty perks that black radish offers? Here are some of the most impressive ones:

Reduction of Dark-Colored Scars

Many women in Asia count on black radish each time they want to get rid of dark-colored scars — the kinds that can really rob a woman of her self-confidence! You, too, can take advantage of the scar-reducing ability of black radish by extracting its juice and regularly daubing it on those unsightly scars.

Treatment of Pimples and Acne

Have you tried all sorts of expensive pimple and acne creams and gels that didn’t deliver? Well, you don’t have to end up broke and there is no need to bombard your skin with harsh chemicals because there’s black radish around. Its juice is known to help cure pimples and acne by eliminating microbes as well as inflammation.

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Removal of Blackheads

It can be very challenging to keep your face free of blackheads as they are often difficult to remove, plus they always come back! One of the best ways to get rid of those blackheads naturally is by allowing both the pulp and juice of crushed black radish to stay on the face for a few minutes, and then rinsing it off with water thoroughly.

Postponement of the Aging of Skin

Earlier, it was mentioned that black radish contains lots of antioxidants that zap those skin aging-accelerators called free radicals. What’s so great about black radish is you may employ it externally as well as internally, thus allowing you to effectively slow down the normal process of skin aging.

Elimination of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

One of the nutrients present in black radish is vitamin C. What makes the said vitamin so beneficial for anyone who is beauty-conscious is the fact that it encourages collagen synthesis. A kind of protein, collagen makes the skin elastic, thus leaving it less susceptible to the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

Healing of Various Skin Infections
Black radish is something that can be employed for putting an end to various infections of the skin caused by microbes such as bacteria and fungi. When applied on a regular basis, black radish can help control the proliferation of harmful microorganisms, thus putting an end to skin infections.

Treatment of Dandruff Caused by Fungi

Since black radish is very good at zapping microbes, it’s a wonderful all-natural remedy for dandruff, in particular the kind that is brought about by fungi. A few times a week, the juice of black radish should be massaged on the scalp and left there for a few minutes. Afterwards, shampooing has to be done to wash off the juice.

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