Beauty Hacks for Curly Hair

Love them, hate them, lose them—if you’ve got curly hair, then you’ll sure know these issues. There’s a certain sexiness that comes with naturally wavy hair, but then again, there are certain annoyances that comes with it too! People who have wavy hair often say that their curls are great back when they were way younger, but as years go by, that bunch of perfectly-looking hair just went more wavy, more frizzy and more difficult to handle. The mention of rain immediately makes curly hair frizzy and humidity can produce really fast curls (which could look cute at times). For most of the time, people who have curly hair laments how their hair pretty much does what it wants, not what they want it to do.

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Some Curly-Hair Issues that You can Relate to:
1. It takes way too long to dry. If you leave for work with it still dripping wet, chances are you’ll look more like a wet sheepdog who walks in two feet.
2. You get varying opinions on how often you really should wash your hair. Some say you should shampoo it only once a week, while other stylists go with “a few times a day”. And you often get that dreary look from straight-haired people when they hear that you don’t shampoo your hair as often as they do.
3. You can never wash your hair then sleep on it.
4. The maintenance products that you use to keep your hair at least mildly sane costs more expensive than most regular products. But then again, you’ll still invest in those products, use them a few times before you realize that they’re not effective and you turn out throwing them under the kitchen sink, where failed-products graveyard is located.
5. You have a pretty limited hair-styling options.
6. People actually compliment you when get your hair temporarily straightened. You’d think that people might like you better if you are not being yourself.
7. That awkward feeling when guys try to run their fingers through your hair but gets immediately caught in your tangles.
8. It takes a long time for it to actually “look long”.

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Beauty Hacks for the Curly-Haired Lass

Having curly hair does not mean that you’ll have a bad-hair day—everyday. Here are some life-changing hacks that can help you tame, de-frizz, and manage your curls.

1. Curly haired don’t often com their hair, but if you must, never use a brush; only a wide-toothed comb.
2. To avoid clogging your sink (again!), cover it with a plastic wrap before you start.
3. Comb your hair from ends to roots and not the other way around.
4. Deep condition your hair and place a shower cap over it before you hit the shower.
5. Invest in a sulphate-free shampoo and mix it with your regular conditioner to create your very own cleansing conditioner which has the capacity to gently wash your hair while deeply moisturizing it.
6. For people with extra dry hair, you may try “co-washing”. Co-washing is simply foregoing the shampoo and letting your hair be washed with conditioner only once a week or as often as needed to avoid a fluffy bunch of hair.
7. After washing your hair, bring out a T-shirt to wring out excess water. Never use a towel for this as it will absorb too much moisture from your hair leaving it frizzy after.
8. Do the “pineapple trick” when letting your hair dry. This is done by piling your hair into a loose bun atop your head. Doing so will prevent gravity from pulling your curls out can make them frizz.
9. Add a bit of leave-on conditioner to your hair or gel cream to get your locks moisturized while being sculpted. Twist or scrunch the product into dry hair and style as normal or leave it to air-dry.
10. To revive your curls quickly especially during midday, spray in a mix of water plus leave-on conditioner o the ends of your hair, then style as usual or just scrunch it to give it a boost. This method is also great for days in between your washes.

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