Bee Pollen: Be Amazed with the Many Health Benefits of This Superfood

Guess what’s the best source of protein on the planet? Beef? Eggs? It’s bee pollen! According to the experts, bee pollen contains more protein than any animal source that you can think of. It has more amino acids, the building blocks of protein, than equivalent weight of beef, egg and others that are known to pack protein.

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It’s not just protein that bee pollen is rich in, but all the other nutrients your body needs. In fact, it is regarded as a super food — consuming bee pollen allows you to obtain everything your body requires for its proper functioning as well as for the attainment of optimal health!


Bee pollen is also regarded as medicine in some parts of the planet. It’s actually the one that provides the various healing benefits of raw honey. It is capable of killing off an assortment of microbes, from bacteria, viruses to fungi. It’s rich in fatty acids, enzymes and antioxidants that are capable of suppressing inflammation, delaying aging and many other wonders!


So what is bee pollen? Actually, it is food created by honeybees exclusive for little bees. A teaspoon of bee pollen requires a single honeybee to work 8 hours a day for an entire month — that’s how complicated it is to come up with this superfood! It’s no wonder why bee pollen offers so many incredible health benefits.


What are these health benefits? Read on!


Bee Pollen Boosts Energy Levels


Due to the impressive range of nutrients found in bee pollen, it doesn’t come as a surprise why it can make you feel energetic. The invigorating properties of this superfood can be attributed most especially to its protein, carbohydrates and B-vitamins. It’s the perfect supplement for busy people who can’t afford to get fatigued.


It’s Ideal for Asthmatics


Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of bee pollen, it helps relieve the symptoms of asthma during an attack. It helps widen the upper airway, thereby promoting proper breathing. Bee pollen is also beneficial for those who are bugged by acute bronchitis and cough.


This Superfood Helps Relieve Allergies

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One of the many wonderful things that bee pollen can do is reduce histamine in the body. In turn, this alleviates symptoms associated with allergies. In fact, a doctor in Colorado reported that more than 90 percent of his allergy patients attained remarkable relief upon supplementation with bee pollen.


Consuming It Boosts Digestion


Regarded as a complete food, bee pollen can actually improve digestion, allowing you fully take advantage of the nutritional content of the food you eat. Bee pollen contains enzymes that help the digestive tract to process food and assimilate the nutrients in them more effectively.


It Strengthens the Immune System


Aside from improving digestion, bee pollen also promotes proper balance of bacteria in the gut — something that bolsters your immunity. Earlier, it was mentioned that this superfood has superb antimicrobial properties, and that’s why supplementing with it can help shield you from various problems caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Bee Pollen Promotes a Healthy Cardiovascular System


Due to the loads of antioxidants in bee pollen, it is very good at keeping the blood vessels in tip-top shape. Bee pollen also helps control inflammation, and this helps keep both cholesterol levels and blood pressure from skyrocketing. With reduced cholesterol and blood pressure, heart disease can be kept at bay.


It’s Good for Your Skin


There are plenty of creams and ointments for eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions of the skin that contains bee pollen. It is for the fact that it contains anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also added to anti-aging supplements as it yields impressive amounts of free radical-fighting antioxidants.


Have you tried supplementing with bee pollen? Kindly share how this superfood has changed your life for the better!

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