Benefits and Risks of Doing Juice Cleanse

People are willing to try out all sorts of things to help them with their weight loss journey which isn’t surprising given that it’s tough to shed that extra pounds we are carrying. One particular method that many are willing to try out is the juice cleanse. The juice cleanse is basically a cleanse that makes use of juiced fruits and vegetables consumed within a set time. Some make use of the two-day cleanse while others can take up to a week or more. If you are new to juice cleanse, you can either follow recipes online or you can make your own.

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Benefits of Juice Cleanse

Why is juice cleanse helpful to those who want to lose weight? Here are a few benefits that are associated to it.

Supports immune system

Going on a juice cleanse means that you’ll be entering a fasted state where your body will be dumping all toxins in the body. Also, our body tends to use up our glycogen stores at this time which helps speed up the healing process, including flushing out damaged cells so that newer ones can be produced. What’s more, it appears that going on a cleanse also helps the immune system to recuperate from all of its hard work.

Improves gut health

Another benefit that is associated with juice cleanse is that it can help improve your gut’s health. This is because in the juice cleanse, there are no solid foods entering your body which allows your gut to regain balance. And since you will be flushing out all the harmful substances in your system, you’ll find it easier to regulate your gut health.

Absorb more nutrients

Going on a juice cleanse helps your body absorb more of the nutrients contained in the fruits and vegetables because you are already removing the fiber in them. Those who are not fond of eating fruits or vegetables in their natural state find juicing them to be more effective for them.

Possible Risks of Juice Cleanse

Although there are numerous benefits associated with doing a juice cleanse, you shouldn’t forget that there are still risks to doing it. It is better to weigh your options carefully to know whether doing a juice cleanse is actually good for you.

Poor fasting

Keep in mind that not everyone should go fasting. If you will be cleansing because you want to go on a fast, make sure that you pay attention to your body’s response to the lack of food. It is also possible that a juice cleanse is not for you especially when you are having a bad or your blood sugar levels tend to swing.

Can’t manage weight

It’s not that easy to determine the number of calories you are consuming when you are consuming liquid foods like smoothies and juices which means that it is easy for us to underestimate it. Also, since you are not chewing on anything solid, we often find ourselves hungry throughout the day. The problem with low calorie consumption for several days is that your metabolism will tend to slow down rather than speed up which can actually do the opposite effect meaning you’ll gain weight eventually.

Unstable blood sugar levels

Although a juice cleanse helps your body absorb more nutrients by removing fiber in them, keep in mind that all that will be left are the sugars which can cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Remember that a sugar crash can leave you feeling tired and irritable which is something you should consider if you are going on a juice cleanse.

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