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Benefits of Cardamon

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Cardamom is a spice revered for its unique flavor as well as medicinal properties. One of the oldest and most expensive spices on the market, woody and eucalyptine cardamom is popularly used in so many Indian dishes, various Asian cuisines and even in some Danish pastries. It is also a wonderful addition to hot beverages such as coffee, tea and chocolate.

There are also certain health benefits offered by cardamom, making it a staple in various traditional forms of healing. Read on to know when reaching for these seed pods can come in handy.

Dealing with Digestive Problems

Because cardamom comes from a plant belonging to the ginger family, it has the same benefits as ginger ale. This spice can be used to deal with hyperacidity, heartburn, nausea, mild anorexia and constipation.

Putting a Stop to Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory properties of cardamom help in counteracting the effects of pro-inflammatory foods.

Flushing Out Toxins Within

Thanks to its diuretic properties, cardamom is very good at flushing out accumulated toxins through the urine as well as purifying the kidneys.

Keeping Blood Clots from Forming

Cardamom thins the blood naturally, preventing the formation of blood clots (thrombus) inside the veins or arteries.

Normalizing Blood Pressure

Because cardamom has diuretic properties, it helps lower high blood pressure by removing excess fluids.

Busting Bad Breath

Chewing a few seed pods is a great way to kill off odor-causing bacteria in the mouth, thereby eliminating bad breath.

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Improving Oral Health

Other than dealing with bad breath, chewing cardamom also helps resolve oral problems such as ulcers and infections.

Resolving Respiratory Problems

This spice also comes in handy when you are bugged with an assortment of problems concerning the respiratory system. It is proven to help deal with the symptoms of cold, cough and flu. Cardamom is also used for treating bronchitis.

Combating Cancer Cells

According to scientific investigations involving animals, cardamom is promising when it comes to preventing cancer cell development. It is also said to be effective in killing off those mutated cells and keeping them from multiplying.

Fighting Off Free Radicals

Some of the nutrients in cardamom have antioxidant properties that neutralize excess free radicals, preventing those unstable molecules from damaging the cells and causing a host of problems, from premature aging to diabetes.

Inhibiting the Growth of Microorganisms

The antiseptic properties of cardamom make it highly effective in preventing infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

Making the Mood Better

Cardamom is used in traditional healing to stabilize the mood and combat depression.

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Stopping Muscular Spasms

Because cardamom is an anti-spasmodic agent, it is highly effective in putting a stop to painful abdominal and muscle cramps. This herb is also good at dealing with hiccups.

Stimulating Sexual Desire

Consuming dishes with cardamom is recommended for males suffering from low libido, impotence and erectile dysfunction.

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