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Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

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Earl Grey Tea has earned a spot among the healthy beverages. Its medicinal properties earned a reputation as a cure to different kinds of diseases and illnesses.

Tea leaves from Sri Lanka and India undergo fermentation which results to the black color and strong flavor. The bergamot orange’s oil is mixed with it to enhance the flavor. As a result, this drink is packed with nutrients that help people cope with the health threats that surround them.

Digestive Aid

Earl grey tea drinkers claim its great quality to improve the work of the digestive tract. It is claimed to help relieve colic, nausea, and indigestion. It also aids in protecting the urinary tract from infections.

Healthy Coffee Alternative

Avid coffee drinkers find this tea to be a healthy choice as an alternative to coffee. It contains half the amount of caffeine in coffee.

Oral Health Improvement

With its anti-septic qualities, Earl Grey tea freshens the breath and keeps the gums in full health. Brushing the teeth is one way to control staining of the teeth, the black tea leaves’ side effect.


Mild infections are fought with disinfectants. Bergamot oil is one natural disinfectant. This is great with infections in the throat and mouth


Always attached to peace and calmness, drinking tea is a culture of relaxation and serenity. It has less caffeine than coffee, so you will stay relaxed. You may add lavender among other add-ons to better suit your taste and boost its relaxing qualities.

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Fever Reducer

Bergamot has been respected as an agent that relieves fever as well as the flu and an upset stomach. Tea when going through some of these discomforts is a sure relief.


Bergamot is a key ingredient in the production of earl grey tea. The warmth from the tea itself is soothing enough to get rid of those bad vibes.


Tea has been used to support healthy living centuries ago. Free radicals do not stand a chance with the help of this black tea. Cancer and infection are among the conditions this tea help you fight with.

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