Benefits of Foam Rolling

We all know the benefits of getting a massage. No matter if you are an athlete, a fitness buff or a stressed out individual, you can benefit tremendously from having your body massaged. However, it is something that can wreak havoc to one’s budget. The steep cost of getting a professional massage is what exactly made foam rolling so popular today.

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Foam rolling involves the use of a special tool called the foam roller. Out of polyethylene foam, this product is readily available at your favorite sports and fitness store as it’s sought after by many. What’s more, it’s actually pocket-friendly! There are various types foam rollers available, depending on the firmness.

Many dub foam rolling as the “poor man’s massage”. Basically, foam rolling replicates the so-called myofascial release which is a technique being used by physical therapists for a long time now. Without getting too technical, myofascial release involves the application of low load and long duration dragging pressure on the soft tissues.

Because seeking the help of massage or physical therapists does not come with a cheap price tag, the invention of the foam roller was inevitable. These days, anyone can enjoy the numerous perks of myofascial release before and after working out. And what are these health benefits? Some of the most amazing ones include:


Prevents Injury

It’s no secret that stretching and warming up help loosen tight muscles, therefore keeping exercise-related injuries to a bare minimum. Foam rolling makes for a wonderful part of your pre-workout routine to keep you as far away as sustaining a muscle injury.


Speeds Up the Healing Process

One of the most notable benefits of foam rolling is its ability to facilitate healing of tired and sore muscles. That’s because it helps in the removal of lactic acid, a byproduct of muscle breakdown that causes pain and swelling. The use of a foam roller lets you get back in the gym in no time.


Increased Blood Circulation

Having good circulation is vital for the transport of nutrients and oxygen to your body, which helps you attain a strong immune system and optimum overall health. Using a foam roller on a regular basis helps ensure that nutrient- and oxygen- rich blood gets to where they’re needed.


Reduced Stress Levels

Everyone knows that one of the best stress-busters on the planet is having a massage. However, it’s also something that can cost a lot of cash. If you’re on a tight budget and you want to eradicate stress, get your hands on a foam roller, enabling you to benefit from the stress-reducing effects of a massage for less.


Improved Muscle and Joint Flexibility

You may not be aware of it but there are a lot of everyday activities that rely on good flexibility — from cleaning your house to playing badminton. Foam rolling is a simple routine that helps improve the flexibility of your muscles and joints, thus allowing you to perform all sorts of physical tasks safely and with much efficiency.


Toned Muscles

Other than being a superb tool before and after your workout, foam rolling may also be an excellent form of exercise in itself. Relying on your own body weight, it helps tone various muscle groups of the body. The use of a foam roller is perfect on days when you have to scrimp on time.

Try foam rolling for yourself and reap the above benefits! You may spend time with it in as little as 5 minutes before and after your workout, or during your spare time at home or in the office. But if you are on a time crunch and have to pick a single moment only, experts suggest that foam rolling is best done before doing your usual workout routine.

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