Benefits of Getting Puberty Late

Puberty is bittersweet. There are days where you’ll be incredibly thankful for it and some days where you wish you can go back. We’ve learned to anticipate puberty. We can’t wait for it to happen and go through it with everybody. Yet, not all of us matures at the same pace. Some people get their puberty late. They are more commonly known as late bloomers.

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People around you are learning about bras, tampons, and deodorant while you sit and wonder when it is going to be your turn. When the day does come, it’s not as exciting as you thought it would be. The whole idea that it is a stage of womanhood is overrated. It is a phase in our life where we learn about awkward body odors, strange patches of hairs everywhere, ever changing bra sizes and other incredibly un-glamorous things.

Though, there is still a stigma about being a late bloomer. The feeling that you are out of place or is always late to everything is not a good feeling. However, we only tend to see it negatively. There are perks to getting puberty later than your peers or if you haven’t even started it at all. Check out these pretty great reasons and see that being a late bloomer is not as bad as you think.


For women that used to be flat chested and suddenly gone to up to 3 cup sizes will tell you that running becomes a huge deal. Especially for women that are into sports. The sudden excess weight on your chest can make running and other athletic activities harder. Your period can affect or make it harder for you to play too. This isn’t as big of a deal since there are millions of female athletes that can attest that you are capable of doing anything. Though, for late bloomers remember how great and light it is to run and play sports. Enjoy it while you can.


How is being flat chested a perk? Well, for one, you save a lot of money on bras. Second, this is the time where you can go completely bra less and be comfortable with it. Once puberty hits, bras will be mandatory. You’ll be sweating in your under boob area, not wearing a bra can hurt sometimes and the unbearable breast itch. Embrace this time and appreciate it.

The Big Reveal

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Women that go through puberty later, usually experience that BAM phenomenon where everything happens at once. You go away one summer and you come back looking like a whole different person, in the best possible way. A lot of people can attest to this. So, don’t worry the longer it takes, the more fabulous the reveal.

No Period

Seriously, one of the best perks of getting puberty late. No period cramps, no staining, no moodiness, no cravings, no menstrual drama at all. Your menstruation is not something you really need to anticipate having, because once it is there it will last you until menopause. This will also save you a lot of money from using tampons, pads or contraceptives. Though, not having your period yet doesn’t excuse you from not being safe. This is a perk that you should really be thankful for. Remind yourself of all the perks of not having your period yet every time you feel bad being a late bloomer.

You Look Young

When you are younger all you want to do is to be mature. When you get older all you want to do is to look young again. One of the great benefits of getting puberty late is that you experience looking younger longer. It may not feel good when you are young and you’re the only one in your group to be asked for their id when going to watch an R rated movie. But fast forward ten years and you’ll appreciate that you look 5 years younger than people in your age group.

Rational Thinking

Studies have shown that women that experience puberty a lot earlier are more likely to be introduced to drugs, drinking and sex early. Late bloomers are less likely to struggle with these issues. People that are also late bloomers are also more capable of thinking rationally than their peers that is undergoing puberty due to the fluctuating hormones.

Just because you haven’t gone through puberty doesn’t mean that you are any less of a smart and mature woman than everybody else. It actually gives you a better perspective on maturity and what it really takes to become “mature”. Feeling left behind because of all the physical effects of puberty will not matter in the long run. Ask any late bloomer and they will tell you that maturing late doesn’t mean that you’ll miss anything. You’ll just have the perks of enjoying each phase longer than other people.

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