Benefits of Tamarind on Hair and Skin

Not everyone has tasted the sourness of tamarind with most people only encountering it when eating Asian cuisines. The tamarind is valued for its fruit which has that sweet and sour taste that it usually used in adding flavor to soups and stir-fry dishes. But did you know that eating tamarind actually has several advantages for your hair and skin?

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Here are some of the benefits that you can reap from this fruit for your hair and skin.

It exfoliates. Tamarind can actually be used to exfoliate your skin to remove the dead skin that is building up on the surface of your skin. You will need a teaspoon of rock salt, a teaspoon of tamarind pulp, and a tablespoon of yogurt or milk cream. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl then apply on your face. Massage it in a circular motion to help remove any dead skin and to promote blood circulation. You should massage your face for five to seven minutes to really get rid of the dead skin. Wash your face afterwards. This treatment should be done two times in a week to get the best results.

It’s good for digestion. Another benefit that is linked to tamarind is that it is actually good for your digestion. One reason behind this is that it has natural laxative components that help get things moving along in your bowels. Also, it stimulates digestion so that the food you’ve consumed can be broken down for faster absorption in the body. When there is sufficient amount of nutrients being absorbed by the body, you will find that your skin will be responding to this by staying smooth, supple, and free from any blemishes too.

It stops hair loss. Tamarind has been found to help strengthen one’s hair which is why it is worth trying out if you are prone to hair loss. You will need 15 grams of tamarind pulp for this treatment. First, soak tamarind in water for around 10 minutes then get the liquid from it afterwards. Massage this solution on your hair and scalp. Get a clean towel and dip it in warm water. Squeeze any extra water then wrap it around your head to cover your hair. Let the tamarind solution set for half an hour. Rinse your hair afterwards using your favorite shampoo and condition afterwards to keep the moisture locked in. You can repeat this treatment two times a week to help strengthen your hair.

It regulates blood sugar. If you’ve been hounded by acne because of fluctuating blood sugar levels, you will need to add tamarind to your diet. This is because tamarind has the ability to reduce insulin resistance which can help regulate your blood sugar levels. Once your blood sugar is stabilized it will reduce your cravings and will keep your skin blemish free too.

It removes dark patches on the neck. Women are plagued with dark patches on their neck compared to men. Yes, there are bleaching solutions available but sometimes they can do more harm than good. Fortunately, tamarind can help solve this issue. To prepare this treatment you will need a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of tamarind concentrate, and a teaspoon of rose water. Mix the three ingredients thoroughly and apply it on your neck and leave it for 20 minutes. You can wash it off with warm water or with rose water. Repeat this treatment once a week for two months to help reduce the dark patches significantly. This remedy is safe to use and can produce positive results.

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