The Benefits and Uses of Ginger Juice

Ginger has always been touted as one of the best natural medicines available thanks to its numerous health benefits and uses. It is not only used in many cuisines but it has also been found to be useful when it comes to treating various ailments like colds and flu while improving digestion just to name a few.

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Preparing ginger juice is not that hard. Simply get some ginger, peel it, and slice into cubes. Place the ginger cubes in a grinder along with some water and grind. Strain the solution so that you can remove the clumps of ginger. What you are left with will be the juice itself which has numerous benefits and uses such as the ones below.

Clears up the microcirculatory channels in the body

Drinking ginger juice can actually help clear up the microcirculatory channels in the body including the sinuses which can often flare up into colds or flu during the colder seasons. If you feel that you are coming down with a cold, drink some ginger juice to prevent it from becoming a full blown illness.

Reduce blood pressure

Another way to use ginger is when you are dealing with high blood pressure. Ginger is a known blood thinner which can help bring your blood pressure down significantly. You can drink ginger juice if you feel that your blood pressure is going up but add some honey to it so it will be more palatable to your tongue.

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Prevents gas from building up

Did you eat too much too fast? Or had a meal that is too spicy for comfort? Gas can build up in our stomach due to indigestion which can lead to breaking wind. If you don’t want to release explosive gas, have some ginger juice to stimulate your digestive juices to combat bloating and gas build up.

Improves hair condition

You can also make use of ginger juice to bring back the natural shine to your hair. Drinking ginger juice regularly can help make your hair look healthier and the best part is that you can even use this solution as a hair wash to cleanse your scalp from impurities. Making a ginger hair wash can also help stimulate hair growth while boosting blood flow in this part of your body.

Minimizes pain

Another plus to ginger juice is that it is useful in dealing with different kinds of pain. Regardless of whether you have toothache, joint pain, and even migraine, ginger is one of the best remedies available. This is because ginger is a known anti-inflammatory which fights of inflammation that is blocking your blood vessels from flowing properly. With the inflammation lessened, the pain will disappear too.

Fights nausea

Sea or airsick? We all have been there. Although there are medications to prevent motion sickness, a better solution would be to have some ginger juice with honey. You will find that your nausea will disappear in no time and you wouldn’t even have to spend a lot too.

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