Best and Worst Foods for Your Skin

Everything in moderation. This is the key to health. A healthy meal can be abused, too. Your skin is the most visible organ in the body. Take good care of it by eating the right amounts of the best food for your skin and by keeping an eye on your intake of the worst foods for your skin.

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1. Spinach

Skin cancer cells are slowed down and skin cells are repaired with the ever-powerful antioxidant beta-carotene. Spinach, an icon in the dark leafy green section, is packed with beta-carotene that gives a youthful glow and slows down the aging. It also aids in the repair of the DNA. It keeps restores damaged skin cells, keeping them cancer-free.

2. Almonds

Vitamin E rich Almonds keep the skin youthful-looking. It also has monosaturated fat which helps in keeping the cholesterol levels down and keeping the skin young-looking by keeping the cell membranes intact.

3. Salmon

We all know that Salmons and other fish have some fishy business with omega fatty acids. These fatty acids keep the cell membranes healthy and all the other cell membranes in the body. More water in the cell membranes is kept because of strong cell walls. Keeping cell membranes intact is the sure way to keep the skin more vibrant and youthful.

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1. Alcohol

Alcohol is consumed. And when it is consumed in excess, it can bring you tons of troubles. It is good at dehydrating the cells in the body, especially the skin cells.

2. Candy

Candies are usually sweet, but don’t get head over heels on it for its sweetness. Overconsumption of sweets is the short cut to dull and wrinkled skin. Collagens along with Elastin keep the skin youthful and firm. When these fibers are damaged, the skin will begin sagging and premature wrinkles will begin appearing.

3. Salt

When consumed in high does, iodized salt is a threat to your health. For one, it is the cause of the worsening of acne. Always check for the sodium content in the foods being bought. When the face becomes puffy and would start looking unhealthy, you might need to cut down in your salt intake.

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