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Best Exercises for a Slim Waist

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During winter, you can surely hide your bulging stomach in loose pullovers, but what do you think you can do in the winters? It’s really hard to hide your bulge in a short summer dress. So this summer, accomplish your mission of exercising down to get a slim waist and continue doing it till you get that bottle shape waist. But how to get a complete list of exercises which could bring you from a bulky flab to a fab body. Well here is a list of top 10 exercises for a slim waist. Some are easy to grasp while others are a bit sweaty but all come with a main purpose of giving you a slim waist which you always want!

1. Try the Ball

All exercise which can help you do wonders for your waist can be done with a balance of BOSU ball. Following, the simple fact, the ball helps you slightly off the balance that executes your core and helps in slimming down your waist.

2. Twist and Touch

Remember how your games teacher made you exercise when you were in school? Just stand keeping your legs and shoulder – width at a distance and stand erect. Then bend down and try to twist and touch your right hand fingers to your left leg toes. Stand up again and do the vice versa. This is probably the best exercise to gain a slim waist.

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3. Crunches

Go for oblique crunches. Twist a bit and touch your right elbow to your left knee. There are the best exercises for a slim waist.

4. Reverse Crunching

With the help of gym equipment, you can go for reverse fly and tone your waist in a simple manner.

5. Raising of Legs

Leg raises to help slim down your waist. Just lie flat on the ground with your legs joined and hands flat on the sides. Raise your feet nearly around 10 inches off the ground keeping your knees straight and hold it for as long as you can. Next, sit down, raise your legs till your thighs come close to your chest. And do this around 12 times without touching the ground.

6. Plank Position

One of the serious exercises performed by the teenagers of today’s time, just lie down facing the floor, keeping your body straight. Keep your elbows and toes together and balance them. Hold your body as erect as possible without keeping your butt in the air. Be in the position of a plank for as long as possible.

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7. Row

Rowing is a simple exercise to tape down your waist. But yes, it needs to be done properly. Do not ever lean back while you are doing the rowing motion. Straighten your back and pull the bar. You will experience the burn in your core…. Superb!

8. Yoga

Practicing Yoga is a remarkable way to de -stress your body and achieve flexibility. The balance helps you to tone your core and get a slimmer waist. Experience feel- off balance and make your core strong too.

9. Jog, Run and Walk

Want to burn those extra calories? Nothing is better than early morning running and jogging. But make sure you hire a good trainer who keeps a track of your progress. By continuous running, you will achieve a slim waist in no time.

10. Cycling

Cycling is a great way to reduce those extra kilos and achieve a slim waist. Just load your iPod and cycle a stationary cycle or a moving cycle. Totally your take!

Thus, you can easily get a slim body with the help of these top 10 exercises.

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