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Best Exercises to Attain Slimmer and Toned Arms

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Are your fat and flabby arms keeping you from sporting a hot tube or tank top? Fret not because being spotted with slimmer and toned arms only requires you to do certain exercises.

The best exercises for the arms are those that tone the arm muscles. As you work out those muscles, you are burning calories and fat, and at the same time keeping the skin in the area from sagging. Regularly doing some exercise perfect for the attainment of lovelier arms allows you to look better and regain your lost self-confidence after some time.

So if you’re ready to be spotted with fabulous arms, continue reading to learn some moves to incorporate in your everyday workout regimen. Remember to pair them with healthy eating and lifestyle for phenomenal results!

Bicep Curls
Best Exercises to Attain Slimmer and Toned Arms

No list of superb exercises for the arms would be complete without bicep curls. Just like what the name suggests, it helps strengthen your biceps. Doing bicep curls is also a great way to get rid of flabby arms. Grab a pair of light dumbbells and curl each hand towards your shoulders alternately. Remember to keep your back straight and refrain from rocking your body back and forth during the routine.

Modified Push-Ups
Best Exercises to Attain Slimmer and Toned Arms

If you don’t particularly like doing push-ups, you will be delighted to know that there’s a modified kind that works just as well as the traditional one. The modified push-up requires you to be on your knees. It’s easy and effective in slimming down your arms. Also, doing modified push-ups is great for the back and chest muscles.

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Uneven Push-Ups
Best Exercises to Attain Slimmer and Toned Arms

Doing uneven push-ups is perfect for you if you don’t mind some challenge. Certainly, this is more difficult than the traditional push-up because one of your hands rests on a soccer ball, medicine ball, or a pile of magazines of books. Other than toning your arm muscles, doing uneven push-ups is a great way to strengthen the upper body.

Tricep Dips
Best Exercises to Attain Slimmer and Toned Arms

Doing tricep dips is a wonderful way to tone the muscles found at the back of your arms — the triceps. To get started, grab a chair with a really stable base. Stand with the chair behind you and place the palms of your hands on the edge of the seat, with your fingers facing your direction. Straighten your legs and start doing dips. Stop dipping when your buttocks is about to touch the floor and lift yourself up using your arms, in particular your triceps.

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Hammer Curls
Best Exercises to Attain Slimmer and Toned Arms

This routine is just like doing bicep curls, only this time both the palms of your hands are pointed towards your body. While holding light dumbbells on each hand, perform alternating curls. Doing hammer curls helps in toning the biceps as well as slimming down the forearms.

Tricep Extensions
Best Exercises to Attain Slimmer and Toned Arms

If you want to eliminate flabby arms, you need to tone both the biceps and triceps. Doing some tricep extensions is a great way to attain lovelier arms. Grab a chair as well as the lightest dumbbell you can find. Sit up straight, hold the dumbbell, extent your arms upwards and bend your elbow. Place your forearm at the back of your head. With the palm of your hand facing your direction, slowly straighten your arm, and bend once more.

Cable Pushdowns
Best Exercises to Attain Slimmer and Toned Arms

Unless you have massive exercise equipment at home, doing cable pushdowns requires you to step foot inside the gym. Stand before the cable pushdown machine, with bar adjusted to shoulder level. Grab it with your hands spaced about a foot from each other. Push down by straightening your arms. Try to keep the involvement of your chest and shoulder to a minimum to really target on those arm muscles.

Dumbbell Overhead Press
Best Exercises to Attain Slimmer and Toned Arms

It’s a good idea to do this exercise for the arms if you want to tone the back of your arms as well as achieve head-turning shoulders. To get started with the dumbbell overhead press, each of your hand should be holding a light dumbbell. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your elbows and curl your hands towards your shoulders, then push those dumbbells up towards the sky.

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Straight Arm Shrug
Best Exercises to Attain Slimmer and Toned Arms

Another great exercise that can help you attain the arms of your dreams is the straight arm shrug. For this routine, you need to grab light dumbbells. Stand up straight and stretch both your arms towards your side. Shrug your right shoulder to your ear for about 30 times. Do the same on the left shoulder. Keep both your arms from dropping throughout the routine.

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