Best Foods for Runners

Runners require a special type of diet perfect for their body’s needs. They should focus on foods that can provide them with all the energy and vital nutrients they need for optimum performance, whether training or competing. Similarly, they require the consumption of foods that can replenish everything they have lost while engaging in their preferred exercise or sport.

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Different fitness experts will surely recommend varying lists of foods that are excellent for runners. However, it is for certain that most of the entries in their respected lists are the following:


Cherries are packed with anthcyanins, potent antioxidants that can be very beneficial to runners as well as other athletes. Other than promoting healthy blood vessels and warding off cancer, anthocyanins help keep muscle strength loss and soreness to a minimum. Get your supply of these antioxidants by consuming cherries in fresh, frozen or juice form.

Skim Milk

What makes skim milk a wonderful post-performance drink is its balance of carbohydrates and amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Drinking skim milk helps speed up the rate of muscle repair, minimizing a runner’s downtime.

Wild Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids in wild salmon make this fish highly recommendable for runners. Omega-3 fatty acids also allow for a more effective metabolism of protein by the muscles as well as optimal heart muscle contraction.


Soy comes in a wide variety of forms, from shake, cake to faux meat. The consumption of soy is highly beneficial for runners because it contains lots of amino acids and less of the unwanted stuff in meat like bad cholesterol.

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Thanks to its antioxidant content that offers anti-inflammatory effects, a diet rich in kale is ideal for runners. This green leafy vegetable helps combat inflammation, saving the muscles from anything that can rob them of top-notch performance.


It’s no secret that bananas are loaded with potassium, a mineral necessary for muscle contraction. Eating bananas replenishes your supply of potassium lost through sweat. Bananas also provide carbohydrates for energy and endurance.

Whole-Wheat Products

Pasta, oats, cereals and others out of 100% whole-wheat flour supply the body with the carbohydrates it needs. Whole-wheat products are also excellent sources of fiber that promotes cardiovascular system health.

Green Tea

Catechins found in green tea promote better muscle endurance. That’s because those powerful antioxidants minimize the activity of free radicals, allowing the muscles to burn fat cells more effectively. Caffeine in green tea also helps stimulate the nervous system and encourages top-notch performance.


One of the best sources of energy among runners and other athletes is oatmeal. The energy it supplies is the kind that lasts for a long time, thanks to its low-glycemic index. Oatmeal is also loaded with fiber that’s good for both the heart and colon.


Vitamin B6 tomatoes have plenty of is a nutrient responsible for the storage of glycogen in the muscles. By consuming tomatoes regularly, the muscles can efficiently store up glycogen it needs for long-lasting energy.

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