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Best Snacks for Weight Loss

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Snacking per se is not bad especially for someone who is trying to get in shape. What makes it detrimental to your goal-attainment is choosing the wrong kinds of foods to munch on. Read on to know some wonderful snack suggestions, each one packing 150 to 200 calories only.

Greek Yogurt Topped with Raspberries

The combination of Greek yogurt and raspberries is satisfying and filling, saving you from craving snacks that can sabotage your diet. Yogurt contains protein that builds muscles. Raspberries are packed with vitamin C with fat-burning properties.

Walnuts and Grapes

Both of them satisfy the taste buds and fill up your stomach, eliminating any reason for you to grab an unhealthy snack. Grapes contain energizing sugar and fiber that sweeps out toxins. Walnuts provide protein and healthy unsaturated fats.

Healthy Grain Bars

These delectable snacks provide as much as a third of your daily whole grain requirements. Containing quinoa, millet, buckwheat, amaranth and gluten-free oats, they help cleanse the gut and keep bad cholesterol in check.

Steamed or Boiled Edamame

You can get plenty of dietary fiber and muscle-building protein simply by reaching for some edamame each time your snack time strikes. Opting for steamed or boiled edamame and eating the peas straight from their pods is highly recommended.

Whole Wheat Crackers and Cottage Cheese

Thanks to their healthy ingredients, you can have as many as 10 whole wheat crackers for snack. Tickle your taste buds by dipping them in cottage cheese. Rather than the non-fat variety, go for regular cottage cheese as it’s more filling.

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Mediterranean Humus Platter

It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet is good for someone like you who is trying to attain a better physique. Grapes, tomatoes, cucumber slices, parsley, bell peppers, pita and the rest are packed with fiber that fills up your stomach, thus keeping you from craving unhealthy snacks. Hummus helps shrink your gut and makes weight management easier.

Oatmeal Topped with Blueberries

Regardless if it’s morning, noon or night, oatmeal makes for the perfect snack. Its fiber content is certainly beneficial for any weight-watcher. The addition of vitamin C-packed blueberries makes oatmeal taste delightful and interesting each time.

Banana with Peanut Butter

Both bananas and peanut butter are excellent sources of energy as they don’t cause spikes in your blood glucose level. Bananas are loaded with dietary fiber while peanut butter supplies protein and unsaturated fats that help curb the appetite.

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Apple with Cheese

If you are on the hunt for a snack that’s out of the ordinary, try apple slices with cheese. Antioxidants and dietary fiber in apple help shed off those unwanted pounds. Cheese supplies calcium and protein that you need to grow some muscles.

Pear Slices Smeared with Almond Butter

Make pear slices really palatable by slathering some almond butter on them. Although the duo already packs lots of health-giving nutrients, you can boost the nutritional profile and taste, too, by adding a pinch of cinnamon.

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