Best Ways to Unpop Your Ears

We can experience stuffed feeling or popped ears. This occurs when the Eustachian tubes are blocked. This often caused by a sudden change in air pressure such as driving to a higher area, flying or diving. This can be an uncomfortable sensation that can last for a few minutes to a few hours. There are a lot ways simple ways to get rid of this sensation or to un-pop your ears. Here are the best ways below.

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Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a great way to un pop your ears if it does not disappear in a few hours. Even if you do not have gum, just imitating the chewing motion of chewing gum can help un pop the ears. This motion is said to help change the pressure inside and outside the ear, equalizing it back to normal. Chewing gum can also be a great way to prevent your ears from popping. Chewing on gum when you know you will be facing a change in altitude can help block the passage and prevent the sudden change in pressure. Chew on a big piece of gum to get desired results


The best way to un pop your ear is through yawning. Even imitating the act of yawning can unpop your ear. Just open your mouth as far as you could and say “ahh” from your belly. Keep your mouth open making the O shape with your mouth. This can help make you yawn. Repeat this a few times until you feel your ears un-pop. You will feel the un-popping of your ears instantly. If you’ve done this a few times and felt no change, try out other remedies.

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Suck On a Candy

Getting a piece of candy and sucking on it for a few minutes can help un-pop the ears. The sucking motion does the same thing as chewing gum. This can help equalize the pressure in your ears. Remember, to suck on the candy and not chew it or crush it with your teeth. Big candies that last long are best for this remedy.

Warm Bath

Clogged ears can be caused by blowing your nose too much, getting a cold and coughing too much. This can be relieved with a relaxing warm bath. This is the best remedy to use if your clogged ear is caused by an illness since it can relax your body and prevent irritation. Draw a warm bath and lay on your back. Submerged your ears in the water. Push your chin backward, submerging your ears more. Swallow a few times. You will feel your ears un-pop while swallowing. This method can also help relieve congestion. If you’re still feeling pressure in your ear after your bath. Try bending over and facing your ear to the ground. Try adding pressure to your ears by either using your fingers or palms.

The unbalanced pressure in your ears can be quite irritating and even painful to some. Changes in pressure can cause the same effects of having a stuffy nose and throat. There are many ways to un-pop your ears to relieve the pressure. Above are some of the best ways to get rid of them. If your un-pop is causing you severe pain or does not go away with simple remedies, go to your medical professional.

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