Best Yoga Poses for Losing Weight

We all know that yoga is one of the best exercise programs that can help beat stress but did you know that this is also a good option if you want to lose weight? As a matter of fact, this workout is actually good for those who are having a hard time busting those stubborn fats especially when they reach 40 years of age and above. So which yoga poses should you try to help increase your metabolism to burn those fats? Well, here are some exercises to start with.

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  • Crescent. Stand with your feet together and your toes pointing forward. Your arms should be at your sides. On inhale, raise your hands towards the ceiling and bend forward. It is okay to bend your knees a bit at this point. Inhale first then on exhale, step your right leg back to go into a lunge with your left knee bent to 90 degrees. Your right food should be extended with the ball of the foot placed on the floor. Inhale once more as you raise your arms upwards while keeping your gaze pointing forward. Hold this pose for a few seconds then go back to standing position Repeat the steps but this time, bring the left back backwards.
  • Twisted Chair Pose. Another yoga pose that you should also try is the twisted chair pose. For this workout, you should stand straight with your legs and feet together. Bend your knees slowly then push your hips down and back like you were sitting on a chair away from you. Your palms should be together and positioned in front of the chest. Rotate spine to bring right elbow towards your left knee. Make sure that your chest is lifted throughout the exercise Hold this pose for 30 to 45 seconds then go back to first position. Repeat on the other side.
  • Chair. Here’s another challenging yoga pose that will jump start your metabolism. To start, stand with your feet together with toes pointing forward and your arms at your sides. As you inhale, raise your arms overhead with your palms facing one another. Exhale then sit back to 45 degrees with your knees bent and behind your toes. Engage your abs to help support your back. Keep your gaze forward. Hold this pose for a few seconds then release.
  • Bridge Pose. This pose is actually a gentle inversion that helps open your shoulder and chest area. Lie down on your mat and bend your knees. Reach down and try to reach your heels. If you can’t walk your heels closer towards your body. Push your weight down on your feet to lift your hips upwards. Make sure that your thighs are parallel to the floor with your arms underneath. Try to clasp your hands together if you can manage. Hold this pose for a few counts then bring your hips back down.
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