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Big Bromelain Benefits and Its Natural Food Source

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Basically, bromelain is a type of digestive enzyme. What it is exactly is a proteolytic enzyme, a substance that assists in the breakdown of large protein molecules into its smaller building blocks called amino acids. In the form of smaller units, the body is able to utilize protein more effectively.

It’s because of its ability to breakdown protein why bromelain is traditionally used as a meat tenderizer. Similarly, the said enzyme is also used by traditional healers in South America and many other regions on the planet in treating digestive issues, specifically by employing the primary food source of bromelain, which will be discussed later on.

Numerous scientific investigations done on bromelain revealed that the enzyme is effective against an impressive variety of health problems, ranging from sinus infections to autoimmune diseases.

It’s for the reason that bromelain is proven to deal with a host of illnesses and health conditions why it is being sold these days in the form of supplements. Sometimes it is added to other proteolytic enzymes (there are a number of them just like bromelain) in order to provide relief for people who are bugged by problems such as poor digestion and inflammatory diseases.

Other than taking it in supplement form, you may also take advantage of the amazing healing benefits of bromelain simply by incorporating its food source in your everyday diet. What’s so nice about getting bromelain straight from its food source is you also get to enjoy other nutrients such as fiber and vitamin C.

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But before we get to know this source which can be regarded as a superfood because of its loads of bromelain, let us first take a look at some of those big benefits themselves:


Reduced Inflammation

Did you know that a lot of supplements for osteoarthritis contain bromelain because of the enzyme’s ability to get rid of inflammation? As a result, symptoms such as pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis are also reduced. In Europe, doctors rely on bromelain to help reduce inflammation after surgery to help patients recover at a much faster rate. Numerous athletes also rely on it for a speedier recovery from various sports-related injuries.


Improved Blood Circulation

Based on studies conducted on laboratory mice, bromelain is very good at preventing blood clot formation as well as the deposition of plaque on the inner walls of the arteries. Such findings suggest that the enzyme may actually yield its cardioprotective properties in humans. But what experts know for sure is this: its anti-inflammatory properties are superb at treating hemorrhoids, varicose veins and others concerning the blood vessels.

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Decreased Severity of Digestive Problems

Since it is a digestive enzyme primarily, it’s no wonder why bromelain is utilized for treating an assortment of problems concerning the digestive system. Not only does it help in the breakdown of protein so that it may be used more effectively by the body, but also promote the healing of numerous digestive issues such as constipation, dyspepsia, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and even colon cancer.


Increased Death of Cancer Cells

Numerous scientific investigations have established the effectiveness of bromelain against lung cancer. However, it seems like it isn’t just lung cancer that bromelain may help treat, say the experts. That’s because a lot of studies suggest that the said enzyme also helps increase the rate of death of cancer cells found elsewhere in the body. This proposes that bromelain may be further developed into a therapeutic agent in dealing with all sorts of cancers.


Reduced Certain Respiratory Issues

Studies conducted on animals suggest that bromelain is effective against a number of problems related to the respiratory system, such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Experiments done on the impact of bromelain on asthma came with very promising results. It is proven by the scientific community that bromelain is highly effective in dealing with the symptoms of chronic sinusitis without causing unfavorable side effects in the process.

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So how can you take advantage of bromelain without taking it in supplement form? By including pineapples in your diet! It is a very good idea to consume pineapples in the form of juice — the kind that you make at home. That’s because it permits you to also juice the core, which contains the most bromelain! Consider grabbing really ripe pineapples so that you will find it easy to have the core juiced.

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