Big in Benefits: The Many Health Perks of Bignay

Bignay refers to the fruits of a tree with the same name, which is native to Southeast Asia. Although it is used for both culinary and medicinal properties, bignay is sold commercially only in a few of the countries where it is indigenous to. For instance, you will only find all sorts of bignay products like tea and wine in Indonesia and the Philippines, where bignay is highly revered for its amazing healing properties. However, it’s unlikely that you will find bignay products in India, although it is being used for cooking in the said country.

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It is during the rainy season when the bignay tree bears fruits, which come in clusters and a variety of eye-catching colors, ranging from yellow, pink, red to deep purple. The coloration of these berries is a giveaway that they are loaded with antioxidants. Unripe bignay tastes very sour.

Although some of the sourness is lost as it ripens, bignay is not really eaten fresh from the tree, but rather usually used as an ingredient for flavoring a number dishes. Because the taste is similar to that of cranberries, bignay is oftentimes used as a cranberry substitute in baking. In some Southeast Asian countries, bignay is turned into jam. It is also possible to turn bignay into syrup which makes for excellent addition to juices and cocktails.

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, bignay is used for medicinal purposes. It’s not just the fruits themselves that possess healing properties, but also various other parts of the trees such as the leaves and flowers. The bark is also employed for treating all sorts of health problems, usually consumed in the form of tea.

Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the health perks offered by bignay:


It Helps Relieve Constipation

The intake of bignay is said to help put an end to a bout of constipation, especially when taken in large amounts. That’s because it is known to possess laxative properties.


It Cleanses the Colon

Various problems can arise from the accumulation of toxins and impurities in the gut. Traditional healers in Southeast Asia recommend bignay in flushing poisonous substances and waste materials out of the colon effectively. People who wish to have their gut purified can rely on the detoxifying abilities of bignay.


It Encourages Weight Loss

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Bignay is also beneficial for people who want to lose unwanted pounds. It has something to do with the ability of bignay to rid the gut of contaminants. With those toxins out of the picture, all sorts of problems that contribute to weight gain such as food cravings and abdominal bloating can be easier to manage.


It Helps Purify the Liver

Still on the purifying properties of bignay, its intake is known to help keep the liver in an excellent shape. It’s important for the liver to stay healthy so that it may be able to carry out its various important roles, such as the neutralization of chemicals and toxins before they wreak havoc to the health.


It Strengthens the Immune System

Consuming bignay is said to help make one’s immune system strong. Regularly drinking bignay tea, for instance, may help reduce your bouts of the common cold, flu and others caused by invading bacteria and viruses.


It Helps Prevent Heart Disease

Both the fruits and leaves of the bignay tree are employed by Southeast Asian traditional healers in lowering the blood pressure. It’s for this reason why they are given to hypertensive individuals who are at risk of heart disease due to high blood pressure that can damage the blood vessels and heart itself in the long run.


It Cures Urinary Tract Infections

In regions where it is indigenous to, bignay is known to be very good at healing urinary tract infections or UTIs. Also, boiled bignay leaves are used for treating syphilis, an infection that is sexually transmitted.

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