Biotin for Beauty and a Whole Lot More!

Biotin is also referred to at times as vitamin H although it is really a member of the B-group of vitamins. Just like the rest of the nutrients included in the long list of B-vitamins, biotin is very important for energy production and healthy nerves. It’s good for the heart and blood too. This nutrient also makes you beautiful in more ways than one!

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Since biotin is a water-soluble nutrient, it means that excess amounts of it will simply exit the body via the urine. However, this does not mean that you are not going to suffer from a few side effects if you supplement with biotin more than the recommended amount (30 to 100 mcg a day). Some people report of mild digestive issues such as nausea.

Fortunately, there are numerous foods that contain biotin so that you don’t really have to pop a supplement in your mouth. Provided that you opt for a well-balanced meal on a daily basis, you are sure to get enough biotin. Some diabetics, however, are recommended by their doctors to supplement with biotin in order to help control their blood sugar levels.

Read on to know some of the beauty and health benefits of biotin. Afterwards, you can learn some of its best food sources to make sure that you are always getting good amounts of it via your daily diet.

Biotin Saves You From Various Skin Problems

Rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne — these and many other skin issues can keep you from feeling confident and looking your best. Experts say that biotin and other members of the B-group of vitamins help keep your skin healthy by keeping at bay hormonal imbalance, something which can manifest on the outside via unsightly skin issues.

It’s Vital for Strong Nails

A lot of women treasure their nails. That is why they step foot inside nail salons and spend lots of money on getting manicures and all sorts of nail treatments. If you are one of these women, biotin can work to your advantage. This nutrient is known to help make the cuticles thicker, thus preventing nail breakage.

The Nutrient Keeps Your Mane Thick

Do you consider your tresses as your crowning glory? If so, hair thinning can be a real nightmare! Such problem can be avoided by making sure that your body is supplied with enough biotin on a daily basis. According to numerous studies, biotin is something important to ward off hair loss, thus allowing you to show off healthy, thick and voluminous hair.

It Helps Promote Weight Loss

Just like what’s mentioned before, biotin is a nutrient that promotes energy production. In other words, it helps make sure that carbohydrates you obtain via the diet are burned and not stored as excess energy that eventually becomes fat. However, you should also make smart food choices and exercise on a regular basis to lose weight effectively.

Biotin Regulates Sugar Levels in the Blood

Insulin resistance is a problem faced by diabetics and obese individuals. This condition leads to increased blood sugar levels associated with problems such as high blood pressure, lethargy, brain fog and constant hunger. These symptoms can be avoided by regaining insulin sensitivity, and one of the best ways to do so is by getting your biotin dose.

This Nutrient Helps in Regulating the Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is something that can significantly increase your risk of suffering from heart disease, heart attack and stroke. A good way to normalize your blood pressure is by reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood, and biotin is a nutrient that can help very well in this department.

All of these are the beauty and health benefits of biotin. So how do you make sure that you are getting enough of the said nutrient on a daily basis? By including biotin-rich foods in the diet! Foods that contain good amounts of this important nutrient include peanuts, almonds, walnuts, eggs, onions, sweet potatoes, oats, tomatoes, carrots and salmon.

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