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Black Beans Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Degenerative Disease and Much More

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Black beans present countless health benefits. They hold antioxidants, eliminate toxic metals from the body, and lower blood pressure.

One of the benefits of being a black bean consumer is the promotion of a healthy heart. Black beans were dried, then hydrolyzed and isolated two of the major proteins in a variety of black beans, Jamapa. Researchers found that they remove heavy metals from the body, a process called chelating. After the proteins were hydrolyzed, antioxidant and anti-hypertensive properties were also shown.

The studies have confirmed the benefits of beans have for the heart. They hope that new treatments for the improvement of the cardiovascular health will be discovered in the future, especially those caused by oxidative stress and high blood pressure.

Jamapa black beans have proteins that help in lowering the levels of glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides in the body.

It is noticeable that beans are inexpensive. They are available to everybody.  Beans are packed with essential nutrients such as protein at 30.4 percent, fiber at 59.8 percent, iron at 20 percent, magnesium at 30.1 percent, phosphorus at 24 percent, manganese at 38 percent, and tryptophan at 56.2 percent, Vitamin B1 at 28 percent and molybdenum at 172 percent.

Three of the foods richest in antioxidants are beans: pinto bean, red kidney bean, and the red bean. The dark color in the beans’ coat is believed to have links to their antioxidant properties. These antioxidants eliminate free radicals in the body. Chronic diseases are prevented and the effects of aging are slowed down.

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