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Blood Type Diet| Diet For Your Blood Group

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It seems that the number of varieties of food diets in type and form keeps increasing. Peter J. D’Adamo, a naturopath, has created a diet based on a person’s blood type. Could this Blood Type Diet dramatically help lose weight and become healthier?

Blood Type Diet functions in a similar manner. According to Peter, foods have a chemical reaction with our blood type. Eating the right food that corresponds correctly with our blood type allows the body to absorb the nutrients much better and thus get the best of each food. Oddly, it sounds very satisfying and right.

Type AB:

People with this blood type are inclined to have a low stomach acid, and must avoid cured meats, smoked meats, alcohol, and caffeine. Instead, they should binge more on green vegetables, dairy, seafood, and tofu.

Type B:

People with this blood type should eat dairies with low fat, certain meats, eggs, and green vegetables. While chicken, sesame seeds, peanuts, tomatoes, lentils, buckwheat, wheat and corn must be avoided.

Type A:

Those who fall under this blood type have sensitive immune system. Organic and fresh whole grains, legumes, beans, fruits and vegetables should be eaten and meat despised.

Type O:

Type O people tend to have tummy issues, so Peter recommends taking various supplements. Dairy, beans, light grains, vegetables, fish, poultry, and lean meat heavy and high on protein are required to be eaten.

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It is common knowledge that everybody should know what their blood type is. If you have yet to have that knowledge, please do so as soon as possible. Should you take into life the things mentioned above, your blood type may cause you to edit your shopping list. Foods aren’t the only thing to keep an eye out for in here. There are also specific exercises for each respective blood type: an hour of biking or jogging for the Type O, and yoga or tai chi for Type A.

Another part of the diet that can help boosts the health benefits are eating organic foods and taking vitamin and herbal supplements.

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