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Boost Your Energy And Balance Emotions With These Hand Exercises

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Jin Shin Jyutsu is an form of ancient Japanese touch therapy that you can perform on yourself to others to help balance energy and emotions by stimulating the meredians of our hands.

Note this principles:

1.  Each fingers is connected to different organs and with its corresponding emotion and attitude.  Refer on the chart bellower a specific trouble area or to do the whole body balance.

2.  Hold the finger correlating to the organ you’d like to heal OR emotion you want to calm.  Hold this for 3-5 minutes while deep breathing.

3. You can do a total body harmonisation should you wish to go through on all fingers on the chart.



Boost Your Energy And Balance Emotions With These Hand Exercises


Organs:  Stomach and Spleen

Emotions/Attitudes: Anxiety, Depression and Worry

Physical Symptoms: Stomach Aches, skin problems, headache, nervousness



Organs:  Kidney and Bladder

Emotions/Attitudes: Frustration, Fear and Mental Confusion

Physical Symptoms: Upper arm discomfort, elbow , wrist, muscle and back aches, toothache and gum issues, addictions of any kind, digestive problems.



Organs:  Liver and gallbladder

Emotions/Attitudes: Indecisiveness, Anger, Irritability

Physical Symptoms: Circulation problems, menstrual problems, eye/vision problems, fatigue, migraine, frontal headaches



Organs:  Lungs and large Intestine

Emotions/Attitudes: Negativity, Sadness, Fear of Rejection, Grief

Physical Symptoms: Digestive problem, ringing in the ears, respiratory issues like asthma, Deep skin conditions

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Organs:   Heart and Small Intestine

Emotions/Attitudes:  Insecurity, Nervousness, Judgemental, Low Self- Esteem

Physical Symptoms: Blood pressure, heart conditions, Sore throat, bloating, bone and nerve problems




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