Boron isn’t Boring: Health Benefits and Food Sources of This Nutrient

Since it is regarded as a trace mineral, boron is needed by the body in small amounts for all sorts of biochemical and physiological processes for growth and overall health. There are plenty of food sources of it so you are not going to have a difficult time dodging boron deficiency, something that can cause all sorts of problems ranging from osteoporosis to imbalance in the sex hormones. Including boron-rich foods in the diet can help lower your risk of suffering from boron deficiency and the various issues that can be associated with it.

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Before we enumerate foods that contain good amounts of boron, let us first tackle some of the reasons why this mineral is a crucial part of growth and good health:

It Helps Build Bigger Muscles

Contrary to popular belief, protein is not the only nutrient you need to supply your body with for the attainment of bigger muscles. Take for example boron — this mineral helps enhance the levels of the hormone testosterone in males, which helps bodybuilders and athletes attain and maintain more muscles for superb performance. It’s for this reason why boron supplements are sought after by a lot of those who like to gain bigger muscles.

Boron Normalizes Hormone Levels in Menopausal Women

Males are not the only ones who can benefit from boron, but also women — in particular those who are in the menopausal stage and have lost their sex drives. That’s because the said mineral helps stimulate the production of the female hormone estrogen. Ultimately, this helps normalize hormone levels and restore a menopausal woman’s libido. That being said, boron also actually helps lessen the various symptoms of menopause.

The Mineral Helps Protect the Heart

Experts say that boron can help in preventing the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body, thus lowering your risk of atherosclerosis, a problem characterized by the clogging up of arteries due to the deposition of plaque on their inner walls. Atherosclerosis is something that can increase your chances of having high blood pressure and heart disease. Boron also helps reduce blood clots, thereby lowering your risk of having heart attack and stroke.

It Can Also Promote Strong and Healthy Bones

Boron is said to be very important in the metabolism of calcium and magnesium, both of which are crucial for keeping the bones strong and healthy. In other words, it can help in warding off osteoporosis, a condition wherein the bones are weakened. Boron is also scientifically-proven to help lessen the severity of arthritis. In fact, it is being used these days as an effective treatment for the debilitating joint disease.

There are numerous other health benefits that boron brings. For instance, it is said to help inhibit the production of harmful enzymes in the body and stimulate the synthesis of beneficial ones. The mineral is important for well-functioning cell membranes. Numerous studies have shown that boron is helpful in boosting brain function as well as eye-hand coordination. According to experts, boron is also crucial for the prevention of parasitic and fungal infections.

Now that you are familiar with some of the health benefits of boron, it’s undeniable that you need to have your body supplied with it. Here are some boron-rich foods that you should include in your everyday diet in order to benefit from the numerous health perks the said mineral brings:

  • Brightly colored fruits like apples, pears, bananas, peaches and oranges. Just see to it that you don’t peel fruits that can be eaten without peeling.
  • Dried fruits you can snack on or add to baked goods such as raisins, prunes and dates. However, do not eat lots of them because they are very high in calories.
  • Vegetables like green beans, chickpeas, broccoli, lettuce, celery and carrot. It’s not just boron they supply, but also fiber and all sorts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Brazil nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts are also excellent sources of boron. They also supply your body with healthy fats that are beneficial for your brain and heart.
  • Numerous products on the market that are enriched or fortified with boron. Some of them include pasta, noodles, bread and breakfast cereals.
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