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Break Away From These Grooming Mistakes

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Ladies, some of you are guilty of doing the following grooming habits which we think are proper but in reality, they are not. Review your skin care regimen and see if you are doing the following skin care offenders.

Grooming mistake #1: Ignoring your neck

Many women tend to forget applying moisturizers and sunscreen on their neck. This habit results to rapid skin aging and sagging skin.

Break the habit by: applying the same face moisturizer and sunscreen to your neck using upward motion and outward motion. Using upward motion ensures stimulation of the skin and prevents from sagging while the outward motion guarantees that the neck including the nape area are shielded with proper protection.

Use only gentle soaps. Devoid your neck from harsh cleansers and anti-aging treatments with salicylic acid, glycolic acid or retinol as the skin there does not have the same sebaceous glands that produce oil. Hence, it is more delicate and easily irritated.

Grooming mistake #2: Covering wet hair with a towel

This grooming ritual is one of the many skin mistakes most women do. After you get out of the bath area, you acquire this habit of wrapping your wet hair with a towel. According to dermatologists, when the hair is wet, the hair shafts break easily. Rubbing your locks with a towel, pulling them too tight or brushing or combing them too briskly can also break the hair shafts, damaging the hair and causing frizzy strands.

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Break the habit by: sectioning your hair, squeezing and blotting out excess water with towel before you step out the bathroom. If you need to wrap it, use white cotton t-shirt instead of towel because the fabric used in shirt is gentler on hair.

Grooming mistake #3: Washing your face in the morning

Most women have developed the habit of cleansing the face upon waking up. Did you know that the harsh cleansers and scrubs used in the morning can lead to damage as it strips off your skin’s essential oil. Skin experts recommend washing your face at night because during sleep, the skin regenerates its pH levels as well as increases collagen production.

Break the habit by: splashing your face with clean water and applying moisturizer with high sun protection factor. In addition, be sure to take off makeup residue before going to bed.

Grooming mistake #4: Frequent exfoliation

Exfoliating skin products, when used too frequently can irritate skin and lead to dryness later on.

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Break the habit by: being gentle on your skin. Experts recommend exfoliating your skin once or twice a week. If your skin is oily, be sure not to do it in excess because it will stimulate your sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Grooming mistake #5: Putting on too much products

Many women tend to experiment on skin care products and makeup. They try every new brand or product that is offered in the department store not minding their skin types. There are certain skin ingredients that do not match other products you apply on your skin. For example, using retinoid and benzoyl peroxide is one example of unmatched skin products.

Break the habit by: being keen on the skin care products as well as with the makeup you use on your face. Always go for gentler skin products. If you are in doubt, consult your trusted dermatologist who can give you effective skin care routine.

Grooming mistake #6: Pumping your mascara

Whenever you move your mascara brush in and out the tube, it forces air to get in deeper to the product, helping bacteria to thrive and multiply rapidly. The air also makes mascara dry out faster.

Break the habit by: pulling out mascara wand, moving it around inside the tube and scraping the edge minimally to keep everything fresh and prevent bacteria from getting in. By doing this, you avoid possible product contamination and damaging your eyes.

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Grooming mistake #7: Skipping sun protection especially on cold season

No matter what the season is shielding our skin with proper sun protection is important. Exposure to UV rays can bring skin aging.

Break the habit by: applying sun protection of at least 30 every day. Make it a natural habit to put on sunscreen. Choose sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or helioplex.

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