Burning Tongue Syndrome: Causes and Home Remedies

Does it feel like your tongue is scorched even though you are very sure that you haven’t consumed any piping-hot hot food or beverage? You may be suffering from what’s known as burning tongue syndrome. It is a painful condition that can last for days, months or even years, and there are also a number of ways to have it treated.

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If you like to know more about burning tongue syndrome, read on. After taking a look at this article, share it so that your family and friends who may have this problem may understand it better and also know how to deal with it.

Just like what the name says, burning mouth syndrome causes the tongue to feel like it is scalded although apparently the sensation is not due to the intake of anything that’s hot, like a slice of pizza that’s just came out of the oven or a cup of freshly-brewed coffee. Also, it’s just a symptom of something else and not a disease.

Aside from a burning sensation, some people who suffer from it report of a tingling sensation instead. But then there are those that report of numbness of the tongue. Burning mouth syndrome may also cause a metallic taste in the mouth. There are people who report, too, of altered taste sensations and excessive dryness of the mouth.

However, there are instances in which it is not just the tongue that is affected, but also various other parts of the oral cavity. It may include the inside of the cheeks, palate, gums, throat and even the lips. If such is the case, the problem is referred to as burning mouth syndrome and no longer burning tongue syndrome.

Burning tongue syndrome can stay around for days, and oftentimes for several months or even years. Some people say that they feel constant pain every single day, while others claim that the pain varies throughout the day.


According to doctors, one of the most common causes of burning tongue syndrome is menopause, and they suspect that it’s due to hormonal changes. It’s for this reason why majority of the cases of burning tongue syndrome is reported by menopausal women, with some pre-menopausal ones, too.


There are also a number of other things that can be blamed for burning tongue syndrome, not just menopause. Some of them include diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, oral thrush, and just about anything that can cause dryness or irritation of the mouth. In some cases, the problem is a side effect of certain medications.

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Home Remedies

If you believe that you have burning tongue syndrome, make sure that you pay your doctor a visit. There are a variety of treatments available for it, and they are usually geared towards dealing with the root cause.


A number of things may also be done at home by those who are suffering from burning tongue syndrome:

Drinking more water

If burning tongue syndrome is due to excessive dryness of the mouth, the intake of plenty of water throughout the day can provide relief.

Sucking on candy

The person may also suck on candy to attain relief from burning tongue syndrome. The best one for the job is sugarless so that additional mouth or health problems may be dodged.

Chewing sugarless gum

Aside from candy, gum can also lend a hand. Again, it’s a good idea for the sugarless type to be the one used for relief.

Using saliva substitute

If excessive dryness of the mouth seems really hard to manage, the person may visit the dentist to ask about saliva substitute.

Avoiding acidic food and drinks

The intake of acidic food and drinks can irritate the mouth, which can then trigger or exacerbate burning tongue syndrome.

Having a well-balanced diet

Earlier, it was mentioned that burning tongue syndrome can be due to nutritional deficiencies, and that’s why supplying the body with nutrients is important.

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