Should You Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Perhaps you have heard about Himalayan salt (or sometimes called “pink salt”) as well as the many health benefits it’s known to offer. Did you know that this unique-looking and kind of expensive seasoning also comes in the form of a lamp? According to its proponents, a Himalayan salt lamp is capable of anything from neutralizing pollutants in the air you breathe to reducing your stress levels.

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This article offers some pertinent pieces of information on a Himalayan salt lamp, allowing you to decide whether or not you should get your hands on it. Continue reading!

How the Product Works

Have you encountered modern-day appliances that claim to give off beneficial negative ions? Well, that’s basically how a Himalayan salt lamp is said to encourage health and wellbeing — by filling the air with negative ions. Without being too boring and scientific, Himalayan lamp proponents explain that negative ions help zap toxins in the air and promote oxygen molecule production. By breathing in oxygen-rich air, health perks galore.

By the way, they further add that negative ions are also naturally produced by nature, in particular the likes of ocean waves and waterfalls. In effect, the installation of a Himalayan salt lamp in your home is like bringing in a piece of nature!

Cost a Concern

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Before we tackle the alleged health benefits of using a Himalayan salt lamp, let us first get to know a particular downside that it comes with: a Himalayan salt lamp does not come cheap. Proof to this is the fact that Himalayan salt per se carries a much steeper price tag that regular salt — a trip to the supermarket will reveal this truth!

Just imagine the cost of a huge chunk of Himalayan salt crystal with a light bulb installed in it! While it’s true that this particular kind of lamp can be head-turning whether switched on or off, you have to be willing to shell out a ton of money just to decorate your home with it and for you to enjoy the health benefits associated with the product.

Fake Lamps Galore

Furthermore, there are plenty of fake Himalayan salt lamps currently available, thanks to the high demand for it and the fact that not too many people on the planet can afford it. If the Himalayan salt lamp you are eyeing does not carry a steep price tag, there’s a huge possibility that it’s not the real thing!

Not seeing any of the benefits a Himalayan salt lamp is said to bring? Chances are you brought a fake product. Before you buy one, it is definitely a good idea for you to do your assignment first.

So here are some of the purported benefits offered by a Himalayan salt lamp:

  • It purifies indoor air. Dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, cigarette smoke — these contaminants and more are capable of being neutralized by a Himalayan salt lamp, allowing you to enjoy super clean air inside your home.
  • It improves breathing. Anyone in your home suffering from asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory-related problems? Himalayan salt lamp proponents say that the use of this product can help improve breathing.
  • It boosts energy levels. One of the many perks of filling the room with negative ions is increased levels of energy. It’s for this reason why the installation of a small Himalayan salt lamp is said to be perfect for your office desk.
  • It promotes better sleep. While a Himalayan salt lamp gives off negative ions, it neutralizes positive ions, something that can cause insomnia and various sleep problems, Himalayan salt lamp proponents say.
  • It helps reduce stress and anxiety, too. Positive ions are also said to trigger or contribute to stress and anxiety, and that is why the use of a negative ion-producing Himalayan salt lamp is perfect in this day and age.
  • It may reduce cancer risk. Lastly, a Himalayan salt lamp is said to neutralize cancer-causing radiation emitted by a lot of electronic appliances, such as TV sets, computers and smart phones.
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