Cabbage Chemical Could Treat Ovarian Cancer

Cabbage Chemical Could Treat Ovarian Cancer According to research a chemical found in cabbages can treat ovarian cancer.

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DIM or diindolymethane is a chemical found in cabbages and other cruciferous vegetables. This chemical is naturally formed in the body when consuming vegetables especially cabbages. DIM is known to fight of cancer cells.

A study was done using a lab mice that were exposed to tumor cells. The mice that had DIM stopped the growth of tumor cells. This chemical was also used to experiment on chemotherapy participants. The participants that had this chemical had 50% more improvement in their therapy. Cisplatin used in chemotherapy was two times more effective, accompanied by DIM.

It has been long known that DIM stops tumor cell growth, but according to the latest research by BMC that DIM can actually remove the cancer cell. Apoptosis is a process where the tumor cells slowly shrink and disappears.

Professor Sanjay Srivastava of Texas Tech University conducted a research about DIM. It was concluded that DIM actually increases cisplatin in the body, without being harmful or toxic to normal or unaffected ovarian cells. It starts apoptosis and targets STAT3 signalling.


Cabbages are good for preventing a lot of diseases and keeping the immune system high. Drinking a glass of cabbage juice a day can be helpful in preventing and curing ovarian cancer. People that undergo chemotherapy are sometimes advised by their doctor to eat or drink cabbage to improve results.
It is still advisable to ask a medical professional about eating cabbages when dealing with ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer

– Ovarian cancer starts in the ovaries.
– The ovaries produce egg cells, progesterone and estrogen needed by the body.
– This type of cancer is known to affect almost 7,000 women every year. It is known as the “Silent Killer” because symptoms of this disease are hard to determine and is hard to diagnose.
– Ovarian cancer symptoms are belly cramps, back cramps, abnormal vaginal bleeding, bloating, nausea and ongoing stomach cramps.
– When ovarian cancer is detected late can be fatal. Early detection is important in treating it successfully.
– Ovarian cancer is usually treated with chemotherapy or Surgery.


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