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Can You Lose Weight by Meditating?

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Is there a new weight-loss diet or supplement that you have heard from your figure-conscious friend? Before you attempt to give it a try in order for you to drop a few unwanted pounds, why not try meditating first? According to scientists, spending about 20 minutes a day meditating can actually help you lose weight.

Especially if you have never meditated before and you have tried practically every diet and weight loss supplement out there, keep on reading. Below you will learn why meditation can be used as a tool to make those excess pounds go away effectively and, more importantly, all-naturally.

Do you have family members and friends who are frustrated that no amount of dieting, exercising and supplement taking seem to help them slim down? Then make sure that you repost this article on your various social media sites to get them introduced to the fact that meditating can help them attain the figure of their dreams!

Poor Eating Habits and a Sedentary Lifestyle are Not the Only Culprits

We all know that stuffing our faces with fries, burgers, pizza, donuts, hot dogs and chips can make the waistline expand. The same is true for sitting in front of the TV and lying in bed most of our waking hours. While it’s a fact that a terrible diet and being sedentary can cause weight gain, they’re not the only ones accountable for such.

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Experts say that one of the reasons why being overweight or obese is regarded as an epidemic these days is too much stress. This means that you can stay away from everything that contains a lot of sugar and spend several hours at the gym, but you won’t see the bathroom scale budge if you are constantly stressed.

Stress Hormones Can Cause Fat Accumulation

According to doctors, stress causes the body to churn out certain types of hormones. Such is done in order to shield the body from the many harmful effects of stress. However, a problem can strike if a person is constantly stressed — it’s something that cause constantly elevated levels of stress hormones.

One of the many negative things that high levels of stress can cause is the accumulation of fat cells. You cannot really blame your body for it because it just assumes that your vital organs have to be safeguarded from harm. Being stressed all the time registers to the body as a form of threat to your wellbeing and existence.

However, fat tends to accumulate mostly in the belly area — that’s where some of your most vital organs are located. It’s for this reason why stressed individuals who are overweight or obese tend to have more fat in the midsection than elsewhere. Medical professionals say belly fat can actually put a person’s health in danger.

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Those Stress Hormones Can Cause Excessive Eating, Too

Do you notice that you tend to feel ravenous each time that you are stressed? Well, that’s your body’s way of allowing you to obtain much-needed nutrients as well as comfort since your mind and body are both worn out. Unfortunately, it does not always lead to a positive outcome since it can easily cause you to gain weight.

Experts explain that the reason behind such is having elevated levels of sugar in the blood. Each time you’re stressed, your pancreas churns out more insulin to power up your cells. And to get those increased amounts of insulin used up, you experience extreme hunger to have lots of calories introduced into the body.

Meditating Helps Deal With Stress Effectively

Because of all of the above mentioned effects of stress, it’s a good idea for anyone who is leading very stressful lives to make it a habit to meditate on a regular basis. Starters may do two 5-minute sessions a day — one in the morning, and another in the evening. Eventually, they may do one 20-minute session per day.

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