Cancer Symptoms People Ignore

Before you start dismissing that persistent pain as simple body ache, you might consider giving your doctor a visit. Some of the most common symptoms we have can be cancer symptoms that require a second glance to fully diagnose. Studies a few years backed shown that almost half of the adult that was diagnosed with cancer experienced cancer symptoms and dismissed it as common ailments earlier in their treatment.

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Participants were asked about their different symptoms and were questioned about the possible cause of these symptoms. A lot of them stated common health problems such as lethargy, persistent coughs and so on. Though, they mostly identified the causes of these symptoms as not cancer related. We looked at the cancer symptoms people tend to ignore and point out when it should be recognized as a red flag. Check them out below.

Change in Bowel Movements and Habits

Your bowel movement can vary from time to time, depending on what you eat and your activity level. Though, if your habits and movements have been changing persistently then it’s time to get checked. The constant change in the appearance of your stool, or ease of movement can be a sign of colon cancer. The change can be a sign that there is a mass that is preventing movement in your bowel. If you notice these changes, make sure that you have not eaten anything irregular. If there is still no change in your bowel movements and habits after going on a regular diet. Go to your doctor and schedule a colonoscopy to see if there is anything obstructing your colon.

Persistent Cough

Coughs are common and can come and go. It is nothing to worry about, unless it is persistently coming back even with regular medication or coughing that is accompanied by blood. These types of coughs should cause alarm. Most coughs are not cancer, but can still be symptoms of alarming health problems. Though, persistent coughing and hoarseness needs to be examined. This can be a symptom of throat or lung cancer. Physicians would suggest a CT scan or X ray to rule out cancer and find the cause of your coughing fits.

Persistent Unidentified Pain

A simple muscle aches is not signs of cancer, but persistent pain that has no exact cause can be worrisome. If you have persistent pain in your chest or back, headaches or abdomen, try to get yourself checked. Pain in your abdomen can be a sign of ovarian cancer, pain in the chest or back can be a sign of lung cancer and persistent headaches can be a symptom of brain cancer.

Changes in Moles

Not all moles are a symptom of melanoma. Though, moles that change in appearance, such as growing bigger or changing in shade should be checked out. Show this to your dermatologist so they can get a chance to screen the mole for skin cancer.

Unexplained Bleeding

If you suddenly experience unexplained bleeding in your nose, mouth, rectum or vagina please get yourself checked. Any unexplained bleeding should be a concern. Bleeding from the nose or mouth can signify throat or lung cancer. Vaginal bleeding out of your cycle can be a symptom of ovarian cancer. Rectal bleeding can be a symptom of rectal cancer or scarring in the colon.

Unexplained Weight Loss

People over the age of 30 will struggle with weight loss. If you experience unexplained weight loss without any cause or effort, get yourself checked. Weight loss is a symptom of numerous serious medical problems. This can signify a tumor or malignancy.

Lump in the Throat

There can be two causes for this. It can be either neck cancer or esophageal cancer. If you experience a constant lump in your throat that never goes away get yourself checked. This can be a tumor, cyst or scarring. Ask your doctor for a proper screening to identify the cause of the lump and other possible causes. Other lumps in your mouth or gums should be checked out too.

People that experience any of these symptoms persistently should go to their doctor for advice and inquire on other causes for it besides common illnesses. Many cancer symptoms mimic other conditions or diseases, making it hard for doctors to diagnose accurately. Doctors will listen to you if you feel anything unusual in your body. You know what is normal for your body, anything that concern you should be directed to your healthcare professional. If you notice any unusual pains or marks, persistent illnesses or other changes in your body, head to your doctor for a thorough check up.

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