Caring For Your Contact Lens

Along with traditional eyeglasses, contact lenses have emerged as aesthetic and stylish means to correct one’s vision. While they enhance a person’s eyesight, contact lenses have to be used and handled safely.

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The following are some measures on the proper care of contact lenses.

When applying the contact lenses on the eyes, it is important to wash the hands first, according to All About Vision. Handwashing is the universal method of preventing infection and its transmission to others. As per the publication, scented and oily soaps should not be used when washing the hands prior to applying the contact lenses, since they might stick to the lens’ surface, which can irritate the eyes. In addition, products with misturizing lotion and lanolin should not be used, as they are also potential eye irritants. The publication added that the first contact lens should always be applied in the same eye to prevent the possibility of mixing up the lenses for the right and the left eye.

According to Web MD, contact lenses are so diverse that they also require special care and specific product types. As per the publication, one has to use the kind of eye drops, enzymatic cleaners, and disinfection solution the eye care professional suggested, since certain eye products like eye drops are not considered as safe for people who wear contact lens. Contact should not also be washed directly using tap water and they should not be put in the mouth to be rinsed. Tap water and the oral cavity are both rich in microorganisms, which means they can cause infection and damage one’s vision. In cleaning the contact lenses, one can use either warmed boiled water or sterile solution.

In removing the contact lenses, it is important to always wash the hands before doing so. According to All About Vision, one may use a clean paper towel to cover the drain where the contact lens might unintentionally fall, if one is standing in front of a sink. While removing the eyewear, the person should look upward or sideways while pulling down the lower eyelid. Using the finger, the lens is gently moved onto the sclera or the white of the eye. Then, the lens is pinched gently with the thumb and the index finger and is lifted off the eye. It is important to keep the fingernails short to prevent accidental scratching and damaging the eye.

As per American Academy of Ophthalmology, the eye care professional informs a schedule on wearing and replacing the contact lenses; thus, it is important to follow it. The contact lens are stored in a case, which is kept clean and is replaced regularly. As per the publication, replacement should be done at least every three months. Replacing the lens cases is also essential, since they can be sources of contamination as well as infection. Also, lens cases that are already cracked and damaged should not be used, since there is no guarantee that they are still clean internally.

With regard the contact lens solution, old solution should be reused and it should not be transferred into smaller travel-size containers. Doing so may affect the solution’s sterility, which increases one’s risk of having an eye infection. The tip of the solution bottle should not also touch any other surface and its cover should be kept close when not in use. If the contact lenses are stored in the case for an extended period of time, it is best to check the instructions for the lenses or the solution to check if there is a need to re-disinfect the lenses before wearing them.

Along with the aforementioned guidelines on the proper care of contact lenses, one should also keep in mind that regular appointment with the doctor is important for proper assessment and evaluation.

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