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Carrot Health Benefits and Sample Recipe

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Carrots are some of the famous vegetables people know today. Known for their orange color, carrots are usually sold in the market, whether in the wet market or at the supermarket. Since it is common, it is usually added to various meal recipes. The following are the health benefits of carrots, along with a sample recipe.

Health Benefits


One health benefit of eating carrots is the maintenance of a good vision. Carrots are a known source of vitamin A, the vitamin that is also known for promoting eyesight. In addition, it also enhances the integrity of the skin and the mucus membranes. Without vitamin A, person’s eyesight will be poor, preventing him from seeing things properly. Also, vitamin A deficiency increases a person’s risk for impairment of skin and mucus membrane integrity.

Cardiovascular Health

Another health benefit of carrots is the protection of the heart and blood vessels, hence cardiovascular health. According to Organic Facts, carrots are high in potassium, a vasodilator mineral; this means it helps widen the blood vessekls, allowing more blood to flow throughout the body and prevent high blood pressure. This also means that ore blood flow equals more nutrients and oxygen to be transported throughout the body.


Carrots also help fight cancer. According to Medical News Today, evidence-based data suggest that eating antioxidant fruits and vegetables like carrots decrease the likelihood of cancer development. As per the publication, various carotenoids have demonstrated their cancer-fighting properties, mainly with the antioxidants that decrease free radicals in the body. In one study, data revealed that smokers who did not consume carrots had thrice the risk of lung cancer development as opposed to those who consumed carrots more than once a week. Moreover, carrots contain beta-carotene, another antioxidant that has demonstrated reduction in the development of colon cancer in the Japanese group. In young men, diets that included beta-carotene had a pivotal role when it comes to prevention and management of prostate cancer.

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Sample Recipe

One recipe that makes use of carrots as ingredient is Potato and Carrot Stew. According to Food, the ingredients include two large carrots (sliced), five potatoes (peeled, cubed), about two cups of water, one large onion (chopped), two bay leaves, one teaspoon thyme, one teaspoon tarragon (fresh), two teaspoons sweet paprika, a can of peeled tomatoes (chopped, 400g can), three tablespoons of whole wheat flour (dissolved in cold water), one tablespoon oil, sea salt and pepper, and fresh parsley for garnish.

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To prepare, as per the publication, oil is heated in a large pot and the chopped onion is added. Then, the onion slices are sautéed for a couple of minutes and the cubed potatoes are added. Then, the potatoes are covered with two to two cups and a half of water (dependent on the pot size). Next, the sliced carrots, tarragon, thyme, bay leaves, sweet paprika, salt, and pepper are added and cooked for 20 minutes until the vegetables become tender. Once done, flour is added, which is dissolved separately in a cup with cold water. Next, the sliced and peeled tomatoes are added, stirred, and cooked for another five minutes. Finally, the dish is served with fresh parsley.

Carrots are considered nutritious with their many health benefits. Thus, they can easily be added to various meal menus for weekly gatherings at home, school, or work.

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