Check Out the Many Health Benefits Chakotra Offers

Originating from China but is now widely grown in many parts of Asia and even the US, chakotra is considered to be the largest member of the citrus family of fruits. Not only is it impressive in size, but also big when it comes to its nutritional profile — just like any other citrus fruit, it is loaded with health-giving antioxidants!

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If you are constantly on the hunt for some all-natural weight loss products, then it’s very much likely that you have already encountered slimming capsules, juices and teas that contain chakotra in them. Well, this fruit is actually an excellent eliminator of excess pounds because certain enzymes in it are said to help burn off unwanted fat.

However, you can benefit from chakotra even if you are happy with your figure or current weight. That’s because it packs dietary fiber, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C. Chakotra is also an excellent source of riboflavin, thiamine and niacin, all of which are B vitamins.

So if there’s an opportunity for you to bring home some chakotra, do so — you can easily consume this massive citrus fruit as a dessert or snack, or turn it into juice or make it a smoothie ingredient. The following are some of the health benefits chakotra is known to offer, and many of them will surely leave you in awe:

Boosted Resistance

Often down with the cold or flu? Then it’s a good idea for you to regularly consume chakotra which is loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient so important for strengthening the immune system. Especially when the cold or flu season is around the corner, load up on chakotra and other vitamin C-rich foods for better resistance.

Delayed Aging of the Skin

If you’re a beauty-conscious person, then you will surely love having chakotra a diet staple. That’s because the vitamin C it abundantly contains helps shield your skin from those damaging free radicals. Further, the said nutrient is necessitated for collagen production, and collagen makes your skin less likely to sag and become wrinkly.

Improved Eyesight

There’s also vitamin A present in chakotra, which only means that this gigantic citrus fruit can help keep your vision 20/20 — the optimum visual acuity. Eye experts say that the inclusion of vitamin A-containing foods in the diet can also help ward off eye problems, some of which can cost you your vision if left untreated properly.

Optimized Heart Health

A couple of reasons exist why enjoying chakotra as often as possible is great for keeping your ticker in an excellent shape. First, this citrus treat is loaded with potassium that helps keep high blood pressure in check. Second, antioxidants in chakotra help prevent cholesterol oxidation, thus saving the arteries from becoming clogged.

Lowered Cancer Risk

Speaking of antioxidants, their presence in abundant amounts is the reason why chakotra may help in the prevention of cancer. Experts say that antioxidants help in lowering oxidative stress, which is linked to the development of cancer. Aside from the big C, there are so many other health issues that antioxidants may help prevent, too.

Regulated Bowel Movement

Chakotra is also a wonderful source of dietary fiber. This only means that its regular inclusion in the diet can help save you from having to face constipation, which comes with many unfavorable symptoms like abdominal aching and bloating. Doctors say that a diet high in fiber may also prevent colon cancer.

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