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Chickpea Health Benefits and Sample Recipe

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Chick pea is a legume plant from the Fabaceae family. With the scientific name Cicer arietinum, the plant comes from the subfamily Faboideae. As one of the commonly used herbs in the kitchen, chick pea has been grown in the Middle East. As a spice, chick pea has the following health benefits.


Chick Pea and the Skin

Chick pea aids in skin protection. According to Health Fitness Revolution, the plant acts as a natural sunblock. Also, it contains 85 percent of the daily value of the mineral manganese, which acts as antioxidant in skin cells and protector against damage from ultraviolet rays. In addition, manganese also works alongside copper to promote metabolism and cellular and tissue growth and development.


Chick Pea and Muscle Growth

Chick pea also promotes muscle growth. As per SF Gate, the plant is rich in protein, which is responsible for the growth and repair of cells and tissues. Other sources of protein include beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, grains, and milk.


Chick Pea and Weight Management

Chick pea helps manage weight, particularly weight loss. According to Canadian Living, chick pea is rich in protein and fiber, in addition to its low glycemic index. As per the publication, these properties are enough to help a person control his weight. It is added that as little as half cup or 125 ml of chick peas can be eaten everyday. This way, the person will have a sense of fullness and fewer amount of calories will be consumed.

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Chick Pea and Diabetes Mellitus

Chick pea also aids in the management of diabetes mellitus, an endocrine disease characterized by a prolonged increase in blood sugar levels. According to Organic Facts, chick peas are capable of regulating blood sugar levels by maximizing the digestive process. As per the publication, this property is derived from the soluble fiber levels, which can be gotten from the plant’s soluble fibers.


Chick Pea as Immunity Booster

Chick pea also has the power to promote the function of the immune system. As per Heal With Food, the plant contains copper and zinc. Copper works hand in hand with manganese, which improves metabolism, as well as growth and development of tissues and cells. On the other hand, zinc promotes the digestive process and wound healing.


Sample Recipe

Chick peas can be added to various meal recipes, such as Creamy Chicken Peas. As per Healthy Seasonal Recipes, the ingredients include two cups of frozen sweet peas, one cup of chicken broth, three tablespoons of all-purpose flour, one teaspoon of coarse kosher salt, one pound of boneless skinless chicken breast (cut into three-fourth inch cubes), one tablespoon of olive oil, two tablespoons of sour cream, one-fourth cup of chopped chives, and ground pepper.

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To prepare, as per the publication, oil is heated in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Next, chicken is added in a single layer, sprinkled with salt and is cooked, stirring one to two times for four to seven minutes, until it becomes brown in color. Then, flour is sprinkled over the chicken and is stirred to coat. Broth is added and heat is increased to high and is brought to a simmer while stirring. After that, the peas are stirred-in and are return to a simmer. The peas are cooked, until they are heated through. After that, the sauce is thicken for two to three minutes after they are returned to a simmer. Finally, the food is removed from the heat and sour cream and chives are stirred in. Then dish is served with fresh pepper on top.

Chick pea is one of the nutritious plants people have today. Its inclusion in various health recipes will help promote a person’s health and wellness.

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