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Chlorella Benefits You Should Know

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You’ve probably come across spirulina when you’re looking for smoothies or juices that are healthy for you but did you know that its cousin, chlorella, also has some amazing benefits too? Just like Spirulina, Chlorella is a type of freshwater algae but is a single-celled algae whereas Spirulina is multi-celled. It is actually one of the oldest species that you will find here on earth and, because of its ability to reproduce about 8 times in a day, they are considered as a sustainable source of vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

But what exactly are the benefits associated with this fresh algae? Here are some health benefits that you should know of.

Enhances immune system

It appears that consuming chlorella can help improve your immune system which protects you against various illnesses. Another plus to these fresh algae is that it is also useful to your digestive system which, in turn, can also make your immune system work better. However, the effects are short-term as of now and that, if you are taking medications for your compromised immune system, you will need to discuss your intake of this algae with your doctor to ensure that there are no side effects.


Another benefit that is linked to chlorella intake is that it helps detoxify your body from heavy metals that you may have ingested or absorbed through the food that you are eating and from the environment. One reason why it is so effective is that it’s tiny size can actually bind the heavy metals as well as other chemicals in the body to it so that they will be flushed from your system. It is also believed that chlorella can help fight off these chemicals and toxins without causing damage to your liver and your kidneys.

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Loaded with nutrients

What else can you get out of chlorella? Well, for one thing, it is loaded with nutrients just like Spirulina. Consuming these fresh algae can actually help provide you with a host of nutrients starting with protein, vitamins, minerals, magnesium, iron, and zinc all of which play a part to your different bodily functions. Of course, there are certain limitations to eating these algae if you want to get the most out of it.

Regulates blood sugar

Another health benefit that you can get from Chlorella is that it actually helps regulate your blood sugar. This means that it keeps your energy levels stable throughout the day and that your blood pressure stays normal too. If you are a diabetic, these fresh algae may help keep your blood sugar levels at the right number.

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