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Foods That Curb Cholesterol

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Five Healthy Items to Fight Cholesterol

Cholesterol is synonymous to trouble. It has the reputation of a killer. People avoid it all cost. Rightly so, as it causes harm to the body.

You should not embrace paranoia on this one. Here are some great foods you need to embrace:


As far as antioxidants are concerned, dark chocolates, or the bittersweet kinds, help your heart better compared to milk chocolates. Darker chocolates have thrice the amount of antioxidants. To prevent the blood platelets from bonding together, flavonoids are needed. They also help in unclogging your arteries. Milk chocolates are at par with red wine when it comes to antioxidants. However, white chocolates fall flat as no amounts of flavonoids can be found in them.

Prevention of the oxidation of bad cholesterol and the increase of good cholesterol is achieved with a daily ounce of chocolate.


Despite its being rich in moderate-fat, nuts, which contain nutritious monounsaturated fat has two times the benefit as a low-fat diet. This means it is good for the heart as they also contain omega-3. The monounsaturated fat is good for your joints, too. It is better than those found in safflower oils.


Blood clots in blood vessels are prevented as they are relaxed by the antioxidants found in tea. Antioxidants such as flavonoid, lessen cholesterol levels and diminish blood pressure. Plaque is also prevented from hanging out on artery walls.

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If you are looking for high antioxidant levels, go for the green tea r the black tea. They contain the highest amounts of antioxidants. A cup would have greater concentration of antioxidants, an amount not found in most fruit or vegetables.


Beneco and Take Control lower the levels of cholesterol. These are the two margarines that had been proven to keep cholesterol levels at bay, They work through the blockage of the cholesterol absorption usually from the food we eat and bile.


If you could change just one factor in your diet, make certain it is the reduction of saturated fat.

Doing so will allow you to hinder blood cholesterol.


Soy gives you all the benefits you get from meat and probably cheese, but it rips all the unnecessary unsaturated fat.

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