Choosing Safe Containers for DIY ProductsChoosing Safe Containers for DIY Products

Making your own skin care product is an amazing thing to do since you will have more control over what goes on your skin. What’s more, there is something exhilarating when completing a project on your own successfully. You’ve probably done your research on various skin care recipes and have tried one or two at some point, but then you ask yourself, where to put your new concoction.

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The problem with doing DIY is that you will need to choose the containers correctly. After all, the quality of the container that you are using can help prolong the shelf life of your DIY product. With that being said, here are a few options that you should take into consideration.


If you are looking for a good container to use for your product, you might want to start with stainless steel. Of course, you shouldn’t just get any stainless steel but rather one that doesn’t use epoxy on its seal or has epoxy lining even. This is because the epoxy can actually alter your product.


There is no doubt that glass is one of the best containers that you can use regardless of what DIY product that you are making. This is because glass is non-porous which means that it won’t alter any ingredient in the mixture that you are making. This container should be used when you don’t plan on storing the product near the tub, sink, or even inside a diaper bag. Just make sure that the glass has a tight lid to prevent spillage.


Plastics can be used as storage too from time to time. There are seven types of plastics available such as LDPE, PVC, HDPE, PET, PP, PS, and other. Out of all the types, you should start with PET because it has the highest rating when it comes to permeability resistance. It is known for its ability in storing products that have low levels of essential oils. If the plastic container is showing signs of discoloration, you might want to recycle it.

Tin cans

Tin cans without liners are highly recommended for recipes that contain potent essential oils but make sure that they don’t have any epoxy in them just like aluminum cans. This is perfect for those who need a container that can hold solutions that don’t have any potent ingredients to them.

Polypropylene and HDPE

If you are looking for a container that is not that easy to break then these two are good for you. Look for containers that are made from HDPE or even polypropylene if you are using solutions or mixtures that have mild amounts of essential oils in them.

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