Why Coconut Oil is Good for Dogs

Coconut oil is quite popular nowadays because it can be used for cooking, as supplements, and even deodorant too, just to mention a few. This oil contains antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties which is why it can also be used in various medical treatments. But can it be used for your furry pal?

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You’ve probably given your pet supplements containing fish oil because it has omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to their health but you will be surprised to know that coconut oil has benefits to offer your furry bestfriend too. Here are some known benefits to get from this amazing oil for your pet dog.

It improves skin condition 

Coconut oil is actually useful when it comes to treating skin issues on your pet such as eczema, cuts, flea allergies, and even soothe any cracks on dry skin. It also makes the fur sleek and glossy and can banish doggy odor too. Applying coconut oil on your pet can help protect him against fleas and ticks. 

It can boost digestion 

Another reason why coconut oil is good for your pet pooch is that it can help improve digestion. This allows your pet to be able nutrients better to boost their overall health. Another plus to giving your dog some coconut oil is that it can eliminate irritable bowel syndrome and even banish mouth odor too. Any parasites that your dog might pick up from its surroundings can also be treated effectively by coconut oil. If your dog has sensitive stomach, the coconut oil can help calm it down so it won’t experience any triggers. 

It enhances immune system 

Just like in humans, dogs need to strengthen their immune system to protect them against various illnesses. Fortunately, giving your pet some coconut oil can actually help as it contains vitamins and minerals that are vital to their overall health. The anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil can equip your pet the protection it needs to fight off any diseases that it might acquire from time to time.

It is useful for the brains, ears, eyes, and mouth 

What else can coconut oil do for your dog? How about improving nerve functions and brain health in order to prevent dementia. You can also melt some coconut oil and add a few drops to the eyes when there is an infection. The same steps can be used to treat ear infections too. Another way to use coconut oil is to clean the teeth and gums of your pet pooch to help remove debris and smell as well. 

It can improve their appetite 

Some dogs are picky with their food so if you want to enhance your pet’s hunger, add some coconut oil to their food and watch them gobble everything up. You can even use coconut oil as part of your DIY dog treats if you want to offer your pet something healthy. And if your dog doesn’t seem keen on swallowing those large tablets, coat them with coconut oil so they can swallow them easily.

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