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Common Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

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We all want to achieve glorious, beautiful hair but with the way we are treating our hair nowadays, think blow dry and other heating tools, you shouldn’t be surprised as to why we often end up with less than perfect hair. With that being said, most of the hair problems that we experience are due to poor hair care which you need to rectify as soon as possible. Here are some examples of common hair care mistakes that we often do that we should start avoiding immediately.

  • Using too much heat. Like it was mentioned before, heating tools like curling iron, flat iron, and even hair dryer can strip our hair of its natural oils leaving them dry and prone to breakage. The amount of heat that we apply on a daily basis can also weaken our hair strands making them break and fall off easily. If you do need to style your hair using these heating tools, it is important that you apply a hair protective serum to keep the moisture locked in while you style your hair.
  • Brushing the ends of your hair only. There is a common misconception that brushing your hair excessively can damage your hair so many limit their brush strokes to the ends of their hair only. Unfortunately, the scalp is the one that produces natural oils which your hair needs in order to stay shiny and healthy. Stimulating your scalp with even brush strokes can help it produce the right amount of oil to protect your hair.
  • Washing your hair often. Unless you have oily hair, washing your hair on a daily basis is not recommended as it can strip your hair of its natural oils. Washing your hair excessively can dry it up fast which can leave it brittle and prone to breakage. You can opt for dry shampoo in between the days you don’t shampoo your hair so that it will still look clean and fresh.
  • Intense drying with towel. The styling products that we use often indicate that you should apply on towel-dry hair. This may prompt you to vigorously dry your hair in order to apply the styling products fast. Unfortunately, this can trigger hair breakage because you are damaging the cuticle of your hair. You might end up with frizzy hair if you don’t take it easy with drying your hair with a towel.
  • Skipping using conditioner. Another common hair care mistakes that you should avoid is to not forget to use conditioner whenever you take a bath. If you have curly hair or one that is prone to frizz, you will need to apply conditioner to your hair when you take a bath so that your hair will have moisture in them.
  • Styling damp hair. If you tend to style your hair using hot tools while your hair is still damp, you are actually burning your hair follicles to the point that they become easy to break. You must keep in mind that your hair should be completely dry before you use any styling tools to prevent breakage. And you shouldn’t make your being in a hurry as an excuse to styling your hair while it is still damp because you’re leaving your hair open to various problems.
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These common hair care mistakes are easy enough to avoid if you know how to stop yourself from doing them in the first place. Just think about how you will be able to achieve beautiful tresses when you keep on repeating these mistakes again and again. By identifying your common hair care practices that end up with brittle hair, you will be able to apply corrective measures to bring back the natural shine and beauty of your hair.

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