Consuming Mango Peels: Reasons Why You Should Give It a Go

Everyone knows that mangoes are some of the most mouth-watering fruits on the planet. If you already fancy these tropical gems, you will surely fall deeper in love with them upon knowing that their peels are actually so nutritious. Yes, those peels that you discard without a second thought are beneficial for you!

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Although the peels of mangoes are tough and bitter-tasting, they are packed with health-giving vitamins and minerals. What’s more, they are loaded with phytonutrients — plant-based substances that are scientifically proven to possess the power to restore and optimize human health.

Some people think that it’s risky to consume mango peels. This stems from the fact that mangoes are actually related to oak and poison ivy, hence they contain the so-called urishol which is an oily liquid categorized as an irritant. Even though it is true that the mango tree contains urishol, it is mainly concentrated on the sap and stems, both of which are not consumed. The peels of mango may contain some of the said substance, but only in negligible amounts.

Want to check if you are allergic to ursihol before considering eating the peels of mango? Simply grab a piece of mango. If you are not developing some sort of allergic reaction after doing so, then the minimal amount of urishol in mango peels should not harm you in any way. Go ahead and take advantage of the nutrients in those peels!

Here are some of the most striking health benefits of mango peels:

They Help Regulate Sugar and Cholesterol Levels

Having too much sugar in the blood is not a good thing. Eventually, this may damage some of your organs such as your kidneys and eyes. It’s also something that may put you at high risk of diabetes. Similarly, the presence of too much cholesterol in the blood is bad for your health. That’s because cholesterol may collect in the inner walls of your arteries, increasing your chances of having heart disease. Experts say that certain compounds in mango peels can actually help control the levels of both sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

Mango Peels May Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Who’s not afraid of cancer? If you want to lower your chances of battling this deadly disease, consider eating mango peels
Each time you are serving the said tropical fruit on the table. High concentration of antioxidants in the peels of mangoes may help prevent cellular mutation which can lead to cancer formation.

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Those Peels are Teeming with Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Other than cancer, the consumption of mango peels may also lower your risk of arthritis, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of those peels. Medical experts say that inflammation is a major role player in the development of the said diseases and so many other illnesses. One of the simplest ways to combat inflammation within your body is by consuming the peels of mangoes everybody loves.

They are Good for the Eyes

One of the numerous nutrients found in mango peels is vitamin A, something necessary for sharper vision. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that shields the retina (light-sensitive layer of cells at the back of your eyeballs) from damage.

Mango Peels are Also Good for the Skin

Are you constantly on the hunt for ways to keep your skin young-looking? Here’s a super cheap and effective way to ward off those wrinkles: eat those vitamin C-rich peels of mangoes! The consumption of mango peels is also a great idea if you have cuts and scrapes in order to speed up the healing process.

They’re Also Good at Warding Off Constipation and Weight Gain

Because mango peels are packed with fiber, their consumption can help in regulating your bowel movement. Fiber also makes you feel full quickly, thus keeping you from eating more than necessary. Forget those diet pills with questionable ingredients and instead munch on some mango peels to keep excess pounds at bay.

All of these are some of the perks to enjoy simply by consuming mango peels. So how can you make mango peels a part of your diet? You may consume them as they are, by slicing them up into tiny pieces. Some people love pickling the peels of these tropical fruits. It’s also a wonderful idea to have them sun-dried, and later on baked or fried.

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