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Cry Me A River: The Psychology and Effects Of Crying

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Cry Me a River: The Psychology and Effects of Crying

People cry for different things. Some are lighthearted and some almost emotionless. People sometimes cry over very simple things such as an advertisement about the love of a father for his son or a movie so well written that it touches people’s emotions and cause them to shed tears. Psychologists have uncovered that “having a good cry” does mean something in terms of psychological merits.

A lead tear researcher and also a psychology professor said, “I think the study of crying, more than is the case for any other emotional expression, may help us to obtain a better insight into human nature.”

Researchers all over the world are doing their work by examining the chemical components of tears, what triggers people to cry, and the relation between crying and culture.

Crying can be an excellent form of communication. Infants cry to seek attention and to convey that they are hungry, drink, needs cleaning, or whatever. People sometimes end up in tears when they cannot take the stress and pain anymore, to send a clear message of, “This is too much.” Lovers cry after breakup to release their emotions. When somebody does not take your message seriously, crying in front of them may help get their attention and have them take you seriously.

Crying also has odd qualities. For example for men, ladies who cry are a sexual turnoff however, it may be disturbing to learn that there are men with fetishes wherein they get even more turned on in seeing women cry but that’s another story.

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According to psychologists, a person who just cannot cry is not an indication that they have a stone heart. The case is with their basal tears that keeps eye lubricated. Ophthalmologists refer to it as “dry eyes”, the inability to produce tears.

Experts have admitted that there is much work to do in the research of crying.

As much as it is enjoyable to cry, excessive crying can prove to be harmful. Excessive crying haves the body enter panic and anxiety. Adrenaline and cortisol stress hormones flood the brain and body. Prolonged exposure to such affects the brain’s capability to develop brain tissue. There would also be chemical imbalances and hormonal imbalances in the brain. Specialists have also found that people who cry a lot have decreased emotional, intellectual, and social development, as well as harmful changes in physiology.

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