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Daily Tips on How to Handle Low Self-Esteem

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Low self-esteem is best characterized as having the feeling of inadequacy, incompetence, and being unloved or unimportant. When these feelings arise, it is hard not to be too self-critical. Unfortunately, this triggers stress and can even lower your self-esteem further. Although there are some who would say that it will pass or that you should get over it, it’s easier said than done. However, you do need to take steps on how to respond to the feeling of low self-esteem so that it will not get the best of you. Here are some suggested tips to follow if you do find yourself leaning towards negative thinking.

Improve on awareness 

Developing a sense of awareness on how we react or think about a particular situation and be able to assess it, can help us make healthier and smarter decisions. This requires practice, however, but it will be well worth the effort once you see that you are reacting less but rather using your brain to know how to respond accordingly. 

Begin a compliment jar 

Another way to help you deal with your low self-esteem to start your own compliment jar. Write down all the positive things that you can see about yourself such as how beautiful your eyes are, how a great artist you are, and so on. Put them all in a jar and after a month, read all the papers there and see all the positive things about yourself so you can reflect on them. 

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Mindful meditation helps 

Meditating can also have a huge impact to the way our thoughts form especially when you are feeling down in the dumps. When you meditate, you are helping yourself to clear your mind from any useless thoughts and in the process, you are entering in a calm and relaxed state where there is no room for you to worry. Spend some time doing mindful meditation where you can simply sit and relax while letting your thoughts drift away until there is nothing but your mind focusing on your breathing. 

Start a journal 

Did you know that you can actually help keep your low self-esteem at bay by starting a journal? Writing down your thoughts and feelings can actually help you release your emotions in a safer and healthier way. Once you finish writing your feelings on your journal, quickly close your notebook and tuck it away until it is time for you to write something down again. 

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Reconnect with yourself 

Low self-esteem can be triggered when you try to please others often. There is a sense of negativity when you often jump to please others that you are losing a bit of yourself in the process. Learn to reconnect with yourself and re-learn not to rush to help others out because you want them to like you. You will find that it is easier to maintain a healthier relationship with yourself because you know you are doing something that won’t cause you to feel guilty.

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