Dangers of Eating Unripe Fruits

It is definitely a wonderful idea to consume fresh fruits on a daily basis. However, it’s a complete no-no to include unripe fruits in your diet.

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There are a couple of reasons why unripe fruits should not be eaten:

Some of them can be very hard to digest

The mere fact that it can be extremely difficult to slice and chew unripe fruits is a testament that they can give your stomach a really hard time.

Others can cause irritation of the lining of your GI tract

A lot of unripe fruits are highly astringent, and they can be very harsh on the soft tissues of your mouth and also the rest of your digestive system.

There are also those that can contain mild toxins

Did you know that unripe tomatoes and pineapples are mildly toxic to human beings, and that’s why eating a lot of them should be avoided?

According to nutrition experts, consuming some unripe fruits with water, other foods that can cause GI tract distress, or on an empty stomach can multiply the problems they can cause by several times!

What are the problems associated with eating unripe fruits? Some of them include:

Tooth Sensitivity

Biting and chewing unripe fruits can actually erode the protective covering of your teeth called enamel, exposing the nerves. As a result, you may develop tooth sensitivity.

Unripe fruits contain a lot of acids and tannins that can easily soften and wear away enamel.

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Because unripe fruits are tough and really fibrous, your stomach is going to have a problem trying to digest them. As a result, it’s very much likely for you to experience a terrible bout of stomachache.

Loud Abdominal Sounds

Since your stomach is attempting to digest unripe fruits that it is not really designed to digest, your stomach may create all sorts of loud and embarrassing sounds. Past the stomach, bits of undigested unripe fruits can still wreak havoc on the intestines, causing them to give off grumbling sounds.

Unripe fruits may even cause intestinal blockage, something that can also produce weird abdominal sounds.


Especially if you have a very sensitive stomach, it’s not unlikely for you to experience nausea due to your stomach being overworked. At times eating unripe fruits may also cause you to vomit.

Diarrhea or Constipation

The consumption of unripe fruits may leave your with a bad case of diarrhea.

According to experts, it’s for the fact that the digestive system just wants to get rid of particles that it cannot properly process, so it simply flushes them out.

It is possible, too, for you to end up constipated due to the very high fiber content of unripe fruits.

Mild Poisoning

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, some unripe fruits such as tomatoes and pineapples contain mild toxins, and that’s why consuming them can actually leave you poisoned.

WARNING: Most especially if you are pregnant or you are diagnosed with a problem concerning the digestive system, it is definitely a good idea for you to allow fruits to fully ripen first prior to adding them to your diet.

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