Dark Circles No More!

Are you bothered with the dark shade underneath your eyes? These dark under eye circles do not seem to be appealing in the first place. They make your eyes look tired.

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Refresh those tired eyes and make your dark circles disappear by following these tips.

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  1. Spread sun protection gently under your eyes. The skin beneath your eyes is thin and it is more prone to sun-induced hyperpigmentation. To keep your eyes free from dark circle, use non-drippy or stick formula sun protection that won’t hurt the under-eye area. This prevents skin darkening under the eye.
  1. Complement it with your foundation. Choose foundation makeup with SPF to hide this unwanted gloom underneath.
  1. Cover them. You can opt for cream concealer to hide under eye circle and darkness. Choose a cream concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone when wearing it under foundation. Put the concealer with a small brush into the dark areas. Using your pinky finger, gently pat the edges to blend it. Then, powder it lightly to retain the concealer.
  1. Try opaque eye cream. Opaque eye cream mostly contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids(AHA) that decrease the appearance of wrinkles , lighten the circle and smooth the skin under the eye.
  1. Retinol works. Look for eye cream that has retinol in it. This vitamin A derived product will fade pigment and increase collagen production to make the skin less transparent, making your dark circles less noticeable
  1. Don’t overdo the use of Retinol. Frequent application of retinol to the under eye can leave red, flaky rings around the eye. Choose retinol that will not irritate the eye area.
  1. Be gentle in removing eye makeup. Gentle, light touch under the eye area is essential while removing makeup. If you rub your skin under the eye, it causes inflammation and capillary damage that contribute to dark circles. Thus, prevent rubbing your under-eye skin. Use proper makeup remover in taking off your eye makeup.
  1. Avoid massage. Never massage the under eye area for it might pull and drag the skin. Stretching of the skin often leads to wrinkles. Leave it to the professionals to ensure the correct techniques are being applied.
  1. Wash your face with cool water. Refrain from cleansing your face with hot water. It worsens puffiness and can accentuate dark circles.
  1. Apply cold compress. Close your eyes and cover them with a cold washcloth for 5 minutes. Repeat several times throughout the day to help constrict your blood vessel. This tip is helpful to minimize darkness, tissue swelling and even eliminate darkness.
  1. Perform deep breathing exercise. Regular deep breathing exercise improves blood circulation, oxygenation and controls stress. Combined with adequate amount of sleep, this leads to healthier lifestyle, resulting in reduced appearance of dark circles.
  1. Load up on vitamins and iron rich food. To achieve healthy skin and refreshed eyes, eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and iron.
  1. Seek professional help. There are professional treatments to eliminate dark circles. One of them is chemical peel, which is a non-invasive treatment for dark circles. With the use of superficial peels like glycolic or AHA peels, these variants of chemical peels are the weakest and do not penetrate too deep into the skin since the skin under the eye are thin.

Another treatment that gets rid of dark circles is Intense Pulse Light or IPL. It destroys the pigment cells that causes discoloration as well as smoothens the skin under the eye. The use of high-energy light waves penetrates the skin under the eye, causing the blood vessels to constrict, resulting in less prominent discoloration.

Laser treatment is another effective option for dark circle removal. Targeting the fat deposited under the eye, the ultraviolet light or infrared invisible light is utilized to create a wavelength that releases energy as they move across the skin. The skin absorbs the energy, giving a soothing effect while correcting the dark and irregular skin pigments that causes darkness under the eye. After the treatment, the skin beneath the eye becomes smooth and less discoloured.

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