How to Deal With Clogged Ears at Home

Is your hearing muffled and it seems like you are underwater or your ear canal is packed with cotton? You may have clogged ears, which can be caused by a lot of things. Some of them include:

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Excessive earwax 

Accumulation of water in the ear canal 

Changes in pressure 


The common cold 

Sinus infection

The last few causes of clogged ears need to be addressed in order to bring back your normal hearing. Usually, a trip to your doctor’s clinic is warranted so that you may be prescribed with the right medications. There are instances, too, in which seeing a specialist is recommended, such as when the problem is due to impacted earwax.

Steps that you may take for dealing with clogged ears tend to vary greatly, depending on the problem’s root cause. The following are some home remedies that you may try to make your muffled hearing go away:

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Chew Gum

If it’s apparent that your clogged ear is caused by pressure changes brought about by the likes of riding a plane or going to a higher altitude, something as simple as chewing gum can help put an end to your dilemma. If gum is not available, you can simply pretend to chew on something.

Suck on a Hard Candy

Not really a fan of chewing gum? Then pop a piece of hard candy in your mouth and suck on it. For many individuals with clogged ears, sucking on a hard candy works just as well as chewing gum.


Another way to deal with pressure-related clogged ears is to yawn. You don’t have to talk to a boring person just to have a yawn instigated. Sometimes opening your mouth to attempt to yawn can actually cause it to happen.

Do the Valsalva

Valsalva maneuver — it’s what you do when you are trying to move your bowels. It’s also something that you may carry out if your ears are clogged due to matters concerning pressure. Just remember not to do it excessively or very strongly as it may cause damage to your eardrums!

Flush with Lukewarm Water

It’s possible for your clogged ears to be due to excessive earwax or a foreign object. To help drive the cause out of your ear canal, use a syringe in dispensing lukewarm (not hot!) water into your ear canal. Do not use excessive pressure and also aim slightly towards the back of the head to keep your eardrum out of harm’s way.

Place Olive Oil

For a few seconds, warm a little olive oil in the microwave. After checking that it’s not scalding hot, use a medicine dropper to instill some of it in the affected ear. Keep your head tilted for about 5 minutes to give it plenty of time to soften excess earwax. Afterwards, tilt your head to the other side and clean your ear with a cotton pad or swab.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Alcohol

Instead of olive oil, you may also use apple cider vinegar combined with equal amounts of rubbing alcohol. Follow the instructions given above to attain relief from clogged ears in no time.

Steam Inhalation

There are instances in which clogged ears are due to a stuffy nose. If it’s apparent that your muffled hearing is due to the fact that your nasal passages are clogged, inhaling steam can work wonders. All you have to do is fill a basin halfway with hot water. Place your face above it and drape a large towel over your head, and then start inhaling the steam.

Do you know other effective home remedies for clogged ears? If so, kindly share one or two in the comments section below!

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