How to Deal With a Sweaty Groin Naturally

Some parts of your body tend to sweat more than the rest because of where they are situated. Such is the case of your groin. Being sweaty down there is not only something that can be quite uncomfortable, but also cause sheer embarrassment — moisture encourages the growth of odor-causing microbes!

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However, it’s not just odor that you should be worried about. That’s because the proliferation of microbes brought about by excessive sweating in the groin area can also cause other problems such as itchiness, an infection and even boils!

Indeed, a sweaty groin has to be managed effectively in order to prevent complications that can completely rob you of your confidence. There are some very simple steps that you may take to keep sweating in between your legs to a minimum. Here are some of the best ones that you may try:

Take Regular Showers or Baths

Because it can make you feel cooler and fresher, taking a shower or bath on a regular basis can really help in minimizing sweating of the groin. Also, it’s something that can keep the proliferation of microbes at bay, thus saving you from being smelly down there as well as experiencing other icky problems.

Put on Undies Out of Natural Materials

It’s also a wonderful idea for you to wear underwear that’s out of natural fabrics. The best ones for you if you have a sweaty groin are those that are out of cotton. Definitely, you should also opt for undies that fit properly. Remember to put on a pair of clean underwear each and every time.

Dust Some Baking Soda

But before you put on your underwear, consider dusting your groin area with a little baking soda. Doing so can help keep the area between your legs drier for a longer period of time. Baking soda also has antimicrobial properties, thus preventing the growth and multiplication of microbes in your groin area.

Apply Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar

Prior to taking a shower or bath, you may apply apple cider vinegar that’s diluted with equal amounts of water down there, in particular where you tend to sweat a lot. That’s because apple cider vinegar has lasting antimicrobial properties. Remember to wait for a couple of minutes before you take your shower or bath. 

Opt for Lemon Juice

You may also count on lemon juice if you are not particularly fond of the smell of apple cider vinegar. To keep stinging at bay, dilute lemon juice with equal amounts of water — more if you have really sensitive skin — before applying it with a cotton ball. Do this a couple of minutes before showering or bathing.

Have Your Pubic Hair Groomed

Trimming your pubic hair can be very beneficial if your groin area tends to sweat more than the rest of your body. Doing this home remedy for a sweaty groin will help keep the area between your legs cooler. If you fail to obtain impressive results, there’s one thing more that you may try: shave!

Lose Excess Weight

All of those unwanted pounds can contribute to a sweaty groin, so it’s important for you to get in shape if you are kind of overweight. Exercising on a regular basis can help you burn excess calories. Steer clear of fatty and sugary foods, and even processed ones that tend to make excessive sweating in the groin area worse.

Drink Plenty of Water

Last but not least, make sure that you keep your body hydrated. It’s a terrible idea to steer clear of water if you have a sweaty groin because it will only actually leave you sweatier! By drinking plenty of water, you can normalize your body temperature and flush out toxins, so your sweat glands need not work harder.

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